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If your question about curriculum content relates to the public school system in the U.S., that is an interesting question with a politically and legally correct answer and one that is far more ambiguous. Since passage of the No Child Left Behind Act, the federal government sets standards for what public school children must achieve by the end of each grade level. These standards together with curriculum content is passed on to each of the states. The state government, passes the federal mandates on together with the recommended curriculum content to every district's board of education. There is some discretion at the state level in terms of curriculum content and pacing but how that discretion is worked out is not uniform from state to state. What is true is that if a district or school's students fail to meet the federal standards by semester's end (testing protocols that may come from the state's selected testing service, or not), that district or school forfeits money allocated to its functioning and the parents can, if they want, move their child out of a school or district that fails to meet standards.

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Basically, the materials selected should be clear, concise and well-written or produced. For younger children, it is also helpful if they are engaging or entertaining in some way which helps to keep their interest.

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You need to consider your audience. It might learn better with video material while others might need slide shows.

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Q: What criteria to be used in evaluating school curriculum?
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