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In "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck, Coyotito is treated with a doctor's medicine, but the family also seeks help from a local healer who uses ancient remedies. Ultimately, the scorpion sting is not cured, resulting in tragic consequences for the family.

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Q: What cures coyotito scorpion bite in the pearl?
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What events does the bite of the scorpion set into motion?

The scorpion was the catalyst for making him go and look for the pearl. It was the evil that made the main character look for the pearl to save his baby boy.

What are examples of irony in the pearl by John Steinbeck?

-SAME AS #3 (at the end, the trackers think Coyotito's cry is a coyote and it is situational irony)-the pearl was to be sold to give Coyotito a future, but it ended up killing him and it is situational irony-SAME AS #1 (the trackers don't know that the cry is coming from Coyotito, not a coyote and this is dramatic irony)

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