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Avalanches do heaps of damage to anything that gets in their way and destroy trees homes it is very sad some times to have lost a loved one in an avalanche and also lost a few limbs while they were at it.

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Q: What damage do avalanches do?
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What damage can avalanches do?


Damage done by avalanches?

a lot

How are avalanches measured or observed?

Avalanches can't really be measured, except by the damage they cause. They are observed by the people that are lucky (or unlucky) enough to see them.

What kinds of damage can volcanoes cause?

The kinds of damage a volcano can cause are: Landslides, avalanches of mud, melted snow, and rock.

How do you predict avalanches?

you preidict avalanches because they are avalanches

How Avalanches cause damage?

Well avalanches are major destrcution because they kill people by trapping them under the snow. It doesn't change the land around it though. I hope this answer helps whoever wanted me to answer it. :)

What make avalanches stronger?

the way a avalanches stronger is the higher the mountain the bigger the avalanches

Which is deadlier in the US avalanches or earthquakes?


When was The Avalanches created?

The Avalanches was created in 1997.

Which is deadlier in the United States avalanches or earthquakes?


What are the effects of avalanche?

Loss of life, damage of property, disrupt transportation corridors. In a severe winter, avalanches can close mountain highways!

Where are all the avalanches in the world?

Avalanches ocur in mountainous areas.

Which is deadlier in the United states-avalanches or earthquakes?


How many avalanches there are in a year?

well there is about 1000 avalanches a year

When are avalanches most common?

Avalanches are most common in colorado

Do avalanches occur in the ocean the tundra or the mountains?

avalanches occur in the mountains

Where in the world do avalanches occur?

Avalanches happen all over the world.

Are avalanches powerful?

Yes. Avalanches can be very devastating to the people near.

How many avalanches occur in a week on Mount Everest?

40billion avalanches, sexy!

What is a sentence that uses the word avalanches?

there were many avalanches in Switzerland last year.

What affects do avalanches have on buildings?

avalanches can destroy peoples homes and they can snow them in and they cant get out so

What effects do avalanches have on land and property?

Avalanches can be effected on land by snow banks in you backyard.

How common are avalanches?

avalanches are quite common but only in snowy and hilly or mountainous areas

How can people decrease the damage that avalanches do?

the way that people in an avalanche disaster area decrease the damage done by a avalanche is they put up snow fences that are like fences that stand on an angle and they are meant to break and roll with the snow and while the snow is rolling, it's very likely for the snow fences to stick back into the ground and that decreases the avalanches speed so that when it hits it isn't as bad

Where do you get avalanches?

Avalanches are most likely to occur in the alpine regions of France, Switzerland and Austria. However avalanches can occur on any steep slope, considering the factors. Within the U.S, Alaska, Colorado and Utah are the states that avalanches occur most often.