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March 19, 1962.

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Q: What date did the Algerian war end?
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When did the Algerian civil war end?


What agreement ended the Algerian war of independence in 1962?

The algerian war agreement

What is the significance of the Algerian War in France?

The Algerian War in France is significant because it shed light on how terrorist tactics are informed. The Algerian War ended in 1962.

Who fought in the Algerian War?

France and Algerian Independence movements.

When did Algerian Civil War happen?

Algerian Civil War happened on 1991-12-26.

How many people died in the Algerian War of Independence?

Martyrs Algier who have been passed during the Algerian War of Independence were 55,000 Martyrs.

Who was the Algerian War between?

France and Algeria.

Did France rule Algeria directly or indirectly?

Directly. Until the end of the French- Algerian war, Algeria was an overseas colony of France.

What date did Korean war end?


What was the date of world war 1 near the end of the war when it was almost over?

2017 the date when your going do be killed by a me

How many algerians went to France after the algerian war of independence?

6-7 nillion people about 20 percent of french population is of algerian origin

What date did World War 2 end for Australia?

the date of the end of ww2 for Australia was the same for every other country

What North African country fought a bitter war against the French?

Algeria. The war was known as the Algerian War of Independence.

What date did the war end in 1945?

The world war came to an end in between late April and early May 1945.

What date did the 1st gulf war end?

Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988

What date did Civil War end?

The Civil war ended on April 9, 1865

What date did the Somali civil war start and end?

Since 1991 the Somali Civil War has been an ongoing civil war with no end in sight ...

What date did the Vietnam war end?

30 April '75.

What was the date of the end of the Revolutionary War?

November 23rd, 1783

On what year and date did the Korean War end?

See link

When did American Revolutionary war end?

1783 is the date you are seeking.

What year date did the civil war end?

April 9,1865.

When is the official end date of the Vietnam War?

it ended in 1975

What exact date was the start of the civil war to the end?


What war happened in 1954?

In 1954, there were two different wars. One was First Indochina War. The other was The Algerian War of Independence.