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What date was Sydney Harbour Bridge completed and opened for traffic?


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Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened to traffic on 19 March 1932.

The bridge was built to connect the Sydney CBD with the North Shore commercial and residential areas on Sydney Harbour. Prior to this, the closest crossing was much further upstream. In 1912, John Bradfield was appointed chief engineer of the bridge project, which also had to include a railway. Plans were completed in 1916 but the start of World War I delayed implementation until 1922. Construction of the bridge began in 1924, and took 1400 men eight years to build at a cost of £4.2 million.

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed and opened in 1932. As of 2012, it has been around for 80 years.

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Sydney Harbour is the harbour over which the Sydney Harbour Bridge is built.

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Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge took eight years. It began in 1924 and was completed in 1932.

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The Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed on 19 January 1932. They started building the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 28 July 1923 and finished the bridge on 19 January 1932. The bridge was then opened to the public on 19 March 1932.

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No. Sydney Harbour Bridge is an arch bridge.

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