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June 21, 1947 was a Saturday.

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October 21st 1947 was a Tuesday.

September 21st, 1947 fell on a Sunday.

21st June 1933 was a Wednesday.

June 21st, 1976 fell on a Monday.

June 21st, 1969 fell on a Saturday.

21st June 1953 fell on a Sunday.

Tuesday was the day of the week on June 10th, 1947. This date was the 161st day of the year in 1947. If someone was born on June 10th, 1947, their astrological sign would be Gemini.

June 3 1947 was on a Tuesday.

5 June 1947 was a Thursday.

June 28 1947 was on a Saturday.

2 June 1947 was a Monday.

June 7 1947 was on a Saturday.

27th June 1947 was a Friday.

June 19, 1947, was a Thursday.

June 18, 1947 was a Wednesday.

June 16, 1947 was a Monday.

June 21, 1947 fell on a Saturday.

June 25, 1947 fell on Wednesday.

June 12, 1947 fell on a Thursday.

June 6, 1947 fell on a Friday.

June 4, 1947 fell on a Wednesday.

June 14th, 1947 fell on a Saturday.

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