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What day was the 1983 NFL draft held on?

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"April 26, 1983 -- BILLS HAVE TWO NO. 1 PICKS IN 1983 DRAFT Buffalo's first No. 1 choice in the 1983 NFL Draft was TE Tony Hunter from Notre Dame (12th overall pick). With Buffalo's second first round pick, they selected QB Jim Kelly from the University of Miami. In the second round, Buffalo took West Virginia LB Darryl Talley." Looks like 4/26 based on this Bills history. Found here

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When is the last day to declare for the 2010 NFL draft?

The last day an under classmen can declare for the NFL draft is January 15th.

What day is the NFL draft?

April 28-29

What time is the NFL draft in Melbourne time?

10 in the morning the next day

Who was the 7th pick in the 2007 NFL draft?

"All Day", Adrian Peterson

How long did the first round in the 2011 NFL draft take?

1 day.

On what day is the NFL probowl held?

the Sunday after the superbowl

What can Adrian Peterson bench press?

According to CBS Sports that on his pro day in preparation of entering the NFL Draft he maxed out at 345lbs.

How much is a NFL draft day Sean Taylor autographed football worth?


When is nfl draft day 2011?

The 2011 National Football League draft is scheduled over three days: April 28-30.

On the 2007 NFL draft day were there any Texas A and M draft picks?

No, there weren't any picks from Texas A&M. For a complete list of draft picks check the Related Links section.

How many rounds of the nfl draft are on day one?

Just the first two. Rounds 3 through 7 are on the second day.

What NFL players came straight from high school?

None, in the modern day NFL. NFL rules and regulations state that a player must be three years out of high school in order to qualify for the draft.

What does a footballplayer have to do to get in the NFL?

they have to be good enough to play in college (usually division 1 but there are kids that make it from other divisions) and if they are good enough they can choose to enter the NFL draft where NFL teams will pick them based on their college performance. if they don't get selected in the draft and still want to play football they can enter into a Canadian football league and then possibly get noticed by and NFL scout one day.

Was Marian Gaborik the first Wild player?

No. Since the expansion draft was held one day before the Entry draft the first player the wild had rights to was Goalie Jamie Mclennen

What was the Production Budget for Draft Day?

The Production Budget for Draft Day was $25,000,000.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers trade in 1996 to acquire Jerome Bettis?

Bettis was traded by the St. Louis Rams to the Steelers on the day of the 1996 NFL Draft, along with a 3rd round choice, for a 2nd round choice in the 1996 draft and a 4th round choice in the 1997 draft.

Who did the pats get for Drew Bledsoe?

Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills 1 day after the 2002 NFL draft for the Bills 1st round choice in the 2003 NFL draft. The Patriots traded the selection, the 14th overall, and their sixth round selection to the Chicago Bears for the Bears' first round selection in the 2003 draft, the 13th overall. The Patriots selected DT Ty Warren with the 13th selection.

Following their win in Super Bowl XL what did the Pittsburgh Steelers do in the 1st round of the 2006 draft that had only been done once before in the history of the NFL?

Draft 2 players who were born on the same day and were from the same state

How much money did Draft Day gross worldwide?

Draft Day grossed $28,842,237 worldwide.

When did Jerome Bettis get traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jerome Bettis was traded from the Rams to the Steelers on NFL draft day, 1996. He played for the Steelers from 1996-2005.

When is the last day to declare for the 2011 NFL draft?

January 15th, 2011. The can withdraw their declaration within 3 days. Assuming they haven't signed with an agent.

How much money did Draft Day gross domestically?

Draft Day grossed $28,842,237 in the domestic market.

What year was Jerome Bettis traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jerome Bettis was traded from the Rams to the Steelers on NFL draft day, 1996. He played for the Steelers from 1996-2005.

How many rounds in the NFL draft on day 1?

They'll only run the first round on Thursday night, which will run from 8pm - 11-11:30pm EDT.

What are the release dates for judgment Day - 1983?

Judgement Day - 1983 was released on: USA: 1983