What decibel range can a human hear in?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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We can hear from 0 dB, that is the threshold of hearing up to 130 dB that is the threshold of pain.

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Q: What decibel range can a human hear in?
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What is the lowest decibel of sound that can be heard from a subwoofer by human ears?

A human ear capable of detecting sound at a level of around 12 hz. A decibel is not the correct measurement unit for measuring the human range of sound.

How many decibels does the human heart make?

Does a heart make decibels? Never heard a heart.

Can humans hear the sonic range?

The Human hearing range IS the sonic range. Sounds which fall under the ultrasonic range are sounds which emit a higher frequency then we can hear (ie. dogs hear within this range). Infrasonic sounds emit lower frequencies then we can hear. The human hearing range or 'Sonic' range is between 16- 20 000 Hz, though changes with age

What is the lowest pitch a human can hear?

20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz is the frequency response range that a human can hear. So in answer to your question 20 Hertz would be the lowest pitch a human can hear.

What is the loudest sound a human can hear?

20,000 Hz (20kHz) is the (ideal) highest FREQUENCY that a healthy human ear can hear. With regard to loud sounds, a sound LEVEL of 120 decibel (dB) causes pain, and a level of 140 dB causes deafness.

What frequencies can different animals hear?

Infrasound ( below the range of human hearing ) Sonic Range ( within the range ofhuman hearing ) Ultrasound ( above range of human hearing )

How many decibel have in your human body?


What is the range of frequency human can hear?

2 Hz to 20 KHz .

What is the maximum decibel rating humans can hear at?

1654 decibels an hour

What is the decibel range of most speech?

Arround 80 dBSPL.

What is decibel range?

A decible range is a measurement of sound so that people can compare the amount they are hearing.

How many hertz does a whisle have to have in order for a human to hear it?

The nominal human hearing range is 20-20,000 Hz.