What decreases magnetization?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The quality of the attractive field diminishes with separation from the wire.

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Q: What decreases magnetization?
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What is not a method of magnetization?

There is an endless list of things that are not methods of magnetization. Eating, sleeping, square dancing to mention a few.

What is demagnetisation?

the process of which the magnetization of a magnet is removed

Which method is used to separate aluminium filings?


What are the factors affect the shape of the magnetization curve?

there is no factors

Does the earth's minerals magnetization is the way to earth rotate or fullmoon effect?

Your question is not clear and it is difficult to understand. However the earth's magnetization is not affected by rotation or the full moon.

What is the noun for magnetize?

The noun forms of the verb to magnetize (magnetise) are:magnetizer (magnetiser)magnetization (magnetisation)the gerund, magnetizing (magnetizing)A related noun form is magnet.

Is there limit to magnetization?

no cuz it can be aas weak or as strong as you want it to be

What do you mean by magnetization?

Terrestrial magnetism is the study of magnetic field on earth.

Domain magnetization value for cobalt ferrrite?

425 kA m-1

How do train brakes work?

Eddy current.(based on the concept of magnetization and demagnetization)

Is magnetisation the same as magnetism?

Magnetization is the process of inducing magnetism in a paramagnetic metal.

What is domain in magnet?

A magnetic domain is a region of uniform magnetization within a material.