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What defines animal tissue culture?

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There are four main types of tissues in animals; epithelial, nervous, muscular, and connective.

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Introduction of animal tissue culture?

Animal tissue culture has applications in the medical field. Organ culture, cells, culture vaccines, and antibody testing are ways that animal tissue culture are used for medical purposes.

What is the scope of animal tissue culture?

The scope of animal tissue culture is very wide and is a subcategory of the anatomy of the animal cell. The tissue culture is controlled by physiological and physiochemical environment.

Father of animal tissue culture?

Ross Harrison

Laboratory design for animal tissue culture laboratory?


What is cross contamination in animal tissue culture?

Cross contamination means the growth of microrganism in animal cell culture.

What has the author R Ian Freshney written?

R. Ian Freshney has written: 'Animal Cell Culture' 'Culture of Animal Cells' 'Culture of Epithelial Cells, Culture of Hematopoietic Cells and Culture of Animal Cells' 'Culture of animal cells' -- subject(s): Culture Techniques, Cultured Cells, Methods, Laboratory manuals, Tissue culture, Cell culture 'Culture of animal cells' -- subject(s): Cell culture, Culture techniques, Cultured Cells, Laboratory manuals, Tissue culture 'Cultural of Human Tumor Cells and Cultural of Epithelial Cells' 'Culture of Epithelial Cells'

What has the author John Anthony Sharp written?

John Anthony Sharp has written: 'An introduction to animal tissue culture' -- subject(s): Tissue culture

Are tissue culture and plant tissue culture same?

In plant tissue culture, cells of plants are cultured. In tissue culture, cells (of plants, animals, bacteria, etc.) are cultured. Plant tissue culture is just like a subheading under tissue culture

What defines an angiosperm?

The Vascular Tissue

Significance of tissue culture?

Tissue culture is the growth of tissues in suitable environment. They are used widely in study of maturation and growth of animal cells and plants, in cancer research, in cloning experiments etc.

What are the advantages of animal tissue culture?

controlled physiochemical and physiological environment..homogenecity of sample..economical.

Who is the father of tissue culture?

father of plant tissue culture is gottilieb haberlandt

Dissertation topics in plant tissue culture?

tissue culture of mango se.

What are the branches of biotechnology which can be chosen to study?

There are many branches of biotechnology- genetic engineering molecular biology plant tissue culture animal tissue culture immunology industrial biotechnology environmental biotechnology bioinformatics nano biotechnology

What is difference between tissue culture cell culture and organ culture?

to culture any organ , tissue or cell from single cell called cell culture. to grow any tissue or organ from a tissue called tissue cultured. and formation of any organ from source organ is called organ culture. in short according to the source of culture any cultured are named.

What types of animal cells are most similar to the undifferentiated plant cells in a tissue culture?

Somatic cells in a callus

Why sterile conditions are needed in tissue culture?

The conditions that allow you to culture tissue are also ideal for the growth of bacteria, which given a chance will devour your tissue culture.

What defines tissue swelling due to fluid accumulation?


'What is culture?

culture defines who a person is, where they come from [in some cases], what they eat, what they wear, what they believe in.

What defines a mammal?

If a animal has a backbone.

Does encyclopedia define culture or define it?

ENcyclopedia defines it

What is the scientific definition of tissue culture?

The scientific definition of tissue culture originally meant the growth and maintenance of tissue pieces. Now it is more commonly referring to the technique of the cell culture.

Classification of animal tissue?

There are four types of tissue, including connective and muscle tissue. Animal tissue can also be classified as nervous or epithelial tissue.

What is the hardest tissue among the animal tissue?

Tooth, or, specifically, tooth enamel is the hardest animal tissue.

What is different between plant and animal tissue?

Plant tissue has cell wall. animal tissue only has cell membrane. :) Plant tissue has chlorophyll. animal tissue do not have chlorophyll, unless its a unicellular (bacteria).