What definition of solar cell?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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a device that uses sunlight to produce electricity

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Q: What definition of solar cell?
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What is the definition of a cell that converts solar energy to electricity?

PV cells are the correct term for a cell that converts solar energy directly to electric energy

What word is for the definition the kind of cells used to turn sunlight into electric current?

It is called a photovoltaic cell, also called solar cells.

How do you make a solar cell on little alchemy?

metal + human = tool tool + sun = solar cell sun + solar cell = electricity

What does the solar cell do in space?

The function of solar cell is to convert the energy from the sun into electricity. This is commonly referred to as a photovoltaic cell.

What is the definition of a solar cooker?

Solar is a device which Run from sunlight

Definition of solar capital?

The definition of solar capital is energy from the sun. It is a resource that is renewed continuously or a renewable energy.

What is a solar cell?

A solar cell is an electronic device that converts sunlight into electricity. An array of them is called a solar panel.

What gives definition to a cell?

A dictionary gives definition to a cell

Is a solar cell an energy source?

A solar cell is not an energy source, but an energy converter. In the case of solar, the energy source is light, and the solar cell converts it from light energy to electrical energy.

What is Organic Solar Cell?

It is a cell that coverts solar energy into electrical energy

How is chlorophyll like a solar cell?

It absorbs light just like a solar cell

How is solar transformed into energy?

Solar energy is, by definition, energy. It is not transformed into it. It is it.