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25 degrees Celsius is equal to a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Q: What degree Fahrenheit is 25 degrees Celsius?
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What is warmer 25 degrees celsius or 25 degrees Fahrenheit?

25 degrees celsius, as 34 degrees Fahrenheit equals 1 degree celsius.

25 degrees Celsius is what degree Fahrenheit?

77 degrees

What is minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

(-25) degrees Celsius = -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

How about 25 Celsius in Fahrenheit?

25 degrees Celsius = 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many degrees celsius is 77 degrees Fahrenheit?

77 degrees Fahrenheit = 25 degrees Celsius.25 degrees Celsius.

What does 25 degrees Fahrenheit equal to in Celsius?

25 degrees Fahrenheit = -3.8 degrees Celsius.

How much is 25 Fahrenheit in Celsius?

25 degrees Fahrenheit = -3.8 degrees Celsius.

Is Celsius colder than Fahrenheit?

if its 25 degrees celsius vs 25 degrees fahrenheit then fahrenheit is colder than celsius

What is 77 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

77 degrees Fahrenheit = 25 degrees Celsius

What is the Fahrenheit equivelent to Minus 25 Celsius equals how Fahrenheit?

(-25) degrees Celsius = -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is minus 25 de4grees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

(-25) degrees Celsius = (-13) degrees Fahrenheit

A substance has a temperature change from 20 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius. This corresponds to what temperature change in Fahrenheit degrees?

20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 45 degrees Celsius is 113 degrees Fahrenheit. So 25 degrees change Celsius = 25 x 1.8 = 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 1 degree change in Celsius is equivalent to 1.8 degrees change in Fahrenheit. Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversion of Temperature Units".