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Q: What department was created during the 1930's to advise and assist the president in carrying out presidential duties?
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Which president created the Presidential Pilot Office?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The military department created by president Adams was called what?

I believe it was the department of war. Or Department of the Navy. Both made up in the late 1790s when he was President.

Who was president of us when Department of Defense was created?

Harry S. Truman was President when the DoD was created in 1947.

Under what president created the US department of the interior?

George W. Bush created the US department of the interior.

Who created the department of transportation?

The DoT was created in 1967 by President Lyndon Johnson.

This president created a Department of Energy and attempted to control the abuses of strip mining for coal?

President Jimmy Carter was the president that created a Department of Energy in 1977. He also made attempts to control the abuses of strip mining for coal.

Does Mongolia have a president?

Yes. Mongolia officially created the title of President of Mongolia in 1990, when they became a semi-presidential republic.

What action by the president created the Department of Homeland Security?

the P.A.T.R.I.O.t act

Which president created the Presidential Pilot Office which would be the official air carrier for the president and his staff members?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Which president created the department of agriculture?

It was created in 1862 and received Cabinet Status in 1869.

What is the presidential succession plan?

Passed in 1947, this is an act of Congress that provides for a clear definition of who will assume the office if the president and vice-president are killed at the same time . The presidency would pass to first eligible person in the succession list which house speaker, president-pro-tempore of the Senate, and then the cabinet members in the order which their department was created.

What part of the constitution is the justice department?

The Civil Rights of the Department of Justice that was created in 1957 is part of the justice department. The Department of Justice is led by the Attorney General who is an appointee of the president.