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Q: What describes testing a substance for flammability?
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What property is flammability of a substance?

Flammability is an example of the chemical property.

The ability of a substance to support burning is called flammability?

Yes, the ability of a substance to support burning is called flammability.

What chemical property describes how well things burn?

This property is flammability.

Is flammability if a substance a chemical property?


Whether or not a substance will burn is called what?


Is flammability of a substance a chemical or physical change?

Flammability is a chemical property not a change; burning is a chemical change.

What type of property is the flammability of a substance?

chemical property

What is an example of substance's ability to burn?

Combustibility or flammability

Is flammability a property of matter?

The flammability of a substance is a chemical property. Flammability means how easily a substance will burn in oxygen.

Explain why flammability and combustibility are chemical properties?

"A chemical property is the property of a substance that describes it's ability to undergo changes to its composition to produce one ore more NEW substance." - Nelson Science Peerspectives Textbook If you decide to toss your jeans into the fire they will burn causing a new substance we commonly know as ashes. So this means that the jeans had a chemical property, combustibility or flammability, that changed its compostion to produce a new substance. Making the properties, combustibility and flammability, both chemical properties.

Is glycerin flammable?

Glycerin is a flammable substance but the rating of its flammability is 1. Glycerin still can affect even though flammability is not as high as the other.

Is a substance's capacity to burn in the presence of oxygen and is an example of a chemical property.?

It is [in]flammability.