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Q: What describes the process of heat conduction?
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What process describes the transfer of heat directly by contact?


Does conduction produce heat?

no, conduction describes how the heat is transported not how it is generated. With conduction, a heat source is still needed.

By which mode of heat transfer heat is transferred in solids?

the process of transfer of heat energy in solids is known as conduction.. For more info-- the process of transfer of heat energy in liquids and gases is known as convection.. And the process of transfer of heat energy without any material medium is known as radiation..

How did the heat move from the burger to the cheese?

A process of conduction and radiation. Conduction of the heat from the cooked patty and the radiant heat of the grill or broiler.

How is heat transferred when objects touch?

When objects touch, heat is transferred by the process of conduction. Conduction is when heat transfers when molecules collide!

When heat is transferred from the sidewalk to your feet by what process?


Which process describes how most of the engine's heat is transferred to the coolant?

Conduction. The heat from the engine block transfers to the coolant inside the galleries by means of conduction. The coolant then has to be moved, to stop it boiling. In early simple engines, this movement was by Convection. In modern engines it is pumped.

The primary agent of contact metamorphism is?

The primary agent of contact metamorphism is heat. Pressure and chemically active fluids are also very important in this process.

What type of materials work in conduction?

Conductors allow heat to pass. And carries the process of conduction.

Which process transfer heat when particles collide in a solid?


How are conduction and radiation?

They both are the way or the process to transfer heat.

Name the process by which heat flows in the iron rod?