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The rate at which an object covers distance is called the object's "speed".

If the direction of its motion is also stated, then you have the object's


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What do you call when a heat moves along an object?

That describes "conduction," rather than convection and radiation.

Describes how fast an object moves?

The maximum speed of any object is hardly equal to speed of light which is 3*10^8 approximately.

What two things must you know to determine speed?

Speed is the rate at which an object moves. To determine the rate at which that object moves, we'll have to look at a given distance that it covered when it moved, and at the time it took to cover that distance. The distance per unit of time is the speed of the object.

Does heat moves from a heavy object to a lighter object?

NO it moves from a warm object to a cool object

What describes the amount of an object?

The mass describes the amount of an object. :)

As an object falls freely in a vacuum its?

It moves with a constant acceleration downwards. This means that its velocity is increasing at a constant rate.

When an object falls freely the kinetic energy of the object will?

It will decrease if the object moves upward; decrease if the object moves downward.

What is oscilating motion?

Oscillating motion describes anything that repeatedly moves back and forth. A pendulum is a good example of an oscillating object.

What describes the position of an object?

A position vector describes the position of an object.

What Movement occurs when an object moves relative to a?

Movement Occurs When an Object moves Relative to a Stationary Object

Heat always moves from an object of?

Classically speaking, heat always moves from a hot object to a colder object.

What is the rate at which something moves?

The rate at which something moves is known as speed or velocity.

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