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Exciting, amazing, fabulous.


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Q: What descriptive words can I use for camping at the lake?
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What are some descriptive words to use to describe a loving Person who is in love?


Where can you use adjectives?

You can use adjectives almost anywhere. They are the descriptive words of our language and really bring all other words to life.

List of descriptive words to describe a place?

Some of the descriptive words to describe a place include words like congested, arid, humid or wet. When describing quality, someone can use words like plush, rugged, desolate or fertile.

How can Researching information on the Internet can best help creative writers by?

They can look for descriptive words to use

When would you use a thesaurus?

to find a more descriptive word

Best defines a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a common assignment that has the writer describe a particular object, situation, or memory. Some distinctive characteristics of a descriptive essay are its use of vivid words and talk of feelings and emotions.

How do you write a descriptive essay?

Add a subject.Observation is the key to writing a good dominant only the details that support the dominant impression.organise details......Use descriptive words

What observation are description that does not use numbers?

Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.

How will you change sentences into yes or no question?

Don't use open ended, descriptive question words. Words like Does, and Is will result in a yes or no answer.

What is it called when you use 3 descriptive sentences?

ferociously descriptive

How can researching information on the Internet best help creative writers?

They can look for descriptive words to use.