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Q: What destinations in space did the US and the Soviets explore?
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Which destinations in space did both the US and the Soviet Union explore?

The moon and sub-orbital and orbital human spaceflight around the Earth are the destinations in space did both the United States and the Soviet Union explored. -

What did landing on the moon have to do with the cold war?

In 1960 the "space race" began between the US and Soviets. Both worked to get to the moon first and in 1969 the US landed on the moon. The Soviets never have landed. The space race was just another outcome of the Cold War. The ability to launch a rocket has military advantages whether it has a payload for space or for military uses.

What year was Laika the dog sent into space by the US?

US didn't send Laika into space, the Soviets AKA the Russians AKA USSR did.

What did rockets help us discover?

they let us explore the last frontier, which is space.

How as space travel helped the world?

it has helped us realize that there is more to this world than just us, and we are able to explore the world (at least to the moon), but space travel has let us explore the places we don't understand.

Why is it important for us to explore outer space?

dont know!! :) it is importanttoexplore

Who owns the space shuttles?

The US shuttles are owned by NASA . The Soviets sold their shuttle on Ebay.

What camps were liberated by the US Soviets?

There were no US soviets, the US have senates.

What did the launch of the first space satellite concentrated attention on?

The launch of Sputnik I caused the US to fear that the Soviets would take over the moon and dominate space. They feared that nuclear warheads could be sent from space at any time. So the US entered the space race to beat the Soviets to the moon. The US also looked at US math and science education and tried to reform education to create more scientists and engineers.

To what extent did the Space Race in 1957 have an effect on the US and Soviets union current condition?

Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991 US and Russian relations have been good. The space shows that we are willing to pay billions to get things done first plus that we were ahead of the soviets. That has little impact in current relations

Who was responsible for the Pioneer Space Program?

The Pioneer space program was a series of unmanned missions to explore the planets in more detail. It was a US space program.

How has your understanding of objects in space been limited by the tools you can use?

Because there are not only things we cannot see but there is in infinite amount of objects in space we can not get to or physically explore (even with robots). The fact is, that these objects are to far away thus hindering our ability to completely understand them or where things in space came from. So yes a telescope, space shuttle and rovers can allow us to explore things that our relatively close but we have nothing that enables us to explore the universe and understand in precisely.