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It depends on the cooling of lava. Slow cooling forms big crystals deep under the surface while fast cooling creates small crystals on or just below the earths surface. Itstant cooling wouls have no crystals.

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What determines the size of a mineral crystal formed from magma?

The rate at which magma cools determines the size of the mineral crystal.

What determines a minerals crystal structure?

by the size of the mineral

What determines the size of the magnetic field?

what determines the size of a magnetic field

What determines a mineral's shape?

It's crystal system

What determines the size of a frictional force?

The size of the normal force and coefficient of friction determines the size of frictional force.

Which characteristic determines the category of metamorphic rock?

The Crystal Structure.

What is a crystal and what determines a crystals shape?

A crystal is a mineral where all of the atoms are in a row, this is what makes it kind of clear. What determines its shape is the amount of space it has to form in and will usually have triangular pyramidal edges.

What determines breast size?

the bra size

What is the golf team size?

The size determines on the schools size

What is the crystal size in a intrusive igneous rock?

the crystal size of intrusive igneous rock is large

What determines the type of crystal structure in a mineral?

The internal arrangement of atoms.

What feature of a mineral determines its crystal shape?

the internal arrangement of atoms

Size of this determines the size of the atom?

THIS is the electron cloud.

What determines the size of the crystals that form in a sample of granite?

Crystal size in igneous rock is predominately a factor of time spent in cooling from lava or magma. Samples with relatively large crystals are the result of the magma having spent a longer amount of time at ideal crystal forming temperatures for each mineral present.

What does crystal size indicate?

Crystal size in igneous rocks is generally a marker for how long magma or lava took to cool and solidify. Larger crystal size is indicative of slow cooling.

How many Calcium atoms are in a crystal?

Cannot answer without knowing type of crystal and either its mass or size.quartz crystal, nonesugar crystal, nonesalt (sodium chloride) crystal, nonecalcite crystal, need to know either mass or sizeice crystal, noneselenite crystal, need to know either mass or sizeetc.

Is granite crystal or grain size?

granite's crystal size varies from 1 mm to 10 mm

What is the crystal grain size of dolomite?

The crystal size of dolomite varies from microscopic to hand-held specimens.

What determines crystal size in igneous rocks?

Crystal size is determined by the amount of time the magma or lava has to cool. Lava, being erupted onto the surface cools quickly, resulting in small crystals. Magma which cools underground can take hundreds of thousands of years to cool, and therefore the mineral crystals grow larger.

What determines the soil type?

the size of the soil particles determines soil type.

How are crystals formed and why are they different shapes?

Crystals are formed by ionic attractions. Some ions are larger and attract other ions into a crystal lattice which are not of comparable size. Ions have different charges, +2 ions and -3 ions do not combine in a 1 to 1 ratio. The combination of charges and size determines the shape of the crystal formed by the ions.

Are the crystals of a mineral are always the same size?

No, they vary from crystal to crystal.

What determines crystal texture in igneous rocks?

The crystal texture of igneous rock is determined by the amount of time spent in cooling from magma primarily.

The size of cells determines the size of an organism?

the size of an organism is most likely determined by?

Size of sedimentary mineral crystal grain?

Sedimentary rock mineral crystal size can vary from microscopic to boulder sized.

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