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The number of ropes supporting the pulley and the strength of those ropes.

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Q: What determines how heavy a load a pulley can lift?
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Would you use a fixed pulley or movable pulley to lift a heavy load?

Fixed if it weighed as less than you, but a movable pulley wouldn't be helpful here. You'd be best with a pulley with multiple supporting ropes.

How many pulley needed to lift a load?

The number of pulleys needed to lift a load varies based on the size of the load. A very small load can be lifted with just one pulley while large loads may require many pulleys to adequately lift the load.

What do we use a fixed pulley for?

this is berat writing.we use fixed pulley for lifting load up only by using force on the effort that makes the load lift

What simple machine can lift a heavy load?

A lever

What force is required to lift a 50-N load with this pulley system?


What is making it easier to lift the load?

The mechanical advantage of the block and pulley you are using, or the engine of the fork lift truck if that is what you are using.

A fixed single pulley that is used to lift a block does what?

The choices are:A. Doubles the force required to lift the blockB. Decreases the force required to lift the blockC. Makes the block easier to lift by changing the direction of the force needed to lift it.D. Decreases the force required and changes the direction of the force required

What are the uses of double pulley in physics?

The amount of force required to lift a weight is inversely proportional to the number of suspension lines. A multiple pulley system allows the load to be distributed across several lines and greatly reduces the amount of force required to lift the weight.. The load that takes mechanical power to lift with a single pulley can be lifted by a single person with a multiple pulley set-up

How do you make a 3 grade pulley project?

To make a 3rd-grade pulley project, you will need a pulley system, string or rope, and a load to lift. Start by attaching the pulley to a stable structure. Then, thread the string or rope through the groove of the pulley and attach it to the load. To demonstrate how pulleys work, have the child pull the loose end of the string to lift the load using the pulley system. You can also experiment with different pulley configurations to explore mechanical advantage.

What are the limitations of the pulley?

Every pulley is designed to bear only so much weight. If you try to lift something heavier than the designed maximum load, the pulley will break.

How do lifts and elevators work?

The cabin of the lift is raised (and lowered) by a pulley. The pulley has a counterweight, which weighs as much as an empty cabin. Therefore, the wheel at the top of pulley does not need to lift the entire weight of the cabin - just the extra load in the cabin.

How does the number of supporting ropes on a pulley affect the amount of force needed to lift the load?

The more pulleys and ropes you add the easier it is to lift