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What you are describing could be a rifle that is not loaded, partially loaded or fully loaded, but, does not have a round chambered.

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Q: What determines if a rifle is fully loaded if the bullet is not chambered in the breech or rear of the barrel and if the bolt is open could this rifle fully loaded or not fully loaded?
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Differentiate of the breech end and muzzle and of the gun barrel?

The breech is the rear of the barrel, where a cartridge would be loaded. The muzzle is the front end of the barrel. When fired, a bullet is driven up the barrel, and out of the muzzle.

What is the breech in the crosman stinger p9 airsoft gun and what does it do?

The breech area on any gun is the area where the pellet / bullet / BB is loaded into the barrel. The bullet stays here until the trigger is pulled.

What determines the pattern of marks on a bullet?

Marks, or striations on a bullet are made from the bullet running against the metal of the gun. The barrel of the gun determines whether the bullet curves to the left or right.

Can the 17hmr be fired in gun chambered for 22 LR and 22 mag?

NO. The case is too large to enter a 22LR chamber. If chambered in a .22 magnum, you will be firing a .17 caliber bullet out of a .223 barrel, with no accuracy at all, and splitting the cartridge case.

Does caliber refer to a bullet or barrel?


What does a barrel assembly do on a rifle?

The barrel guides and accelerates the bullet out of the rifle, and imparts spin to the bullet to stabilize the bullet in flight.

Can a countrymade revolver fire a rifled 303 bullet?

If it is chambered for it.

Does the 243 al ackley bullet fit in a rifle chambered for 243 win?

Do not attempt to use ammunition in a weapon not chambered for it.

Does bullet size affect the gun barrel?

Yes, a bullet must be the same diameter as the barrel (unless it is a shotgun).

How long does it take for a bullet to get out of a gun?

Depends on the speed of the bullet, and the length of the barrel. In the case of a .22 rifle, firing a bullet at 1200 feet per second, from a 16 inch barrel, it will take 1/75th of a second for the bullet to leave the barrel.

How much time does a bullet takes to come out of Barrel?

Time taken by a bullet to leave barrel is 10-3 Seconds.

For what gun is a 223 rem bullet?

Any firearm chambered for .223 or 5.56mm