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In humans, gender is determined by the x and y chromosomes, with xx being a genetic female and xy being a genetic male

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Q: What determines whether an embryo will become male or female?
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How does resorption of the zygote or embryo causes zygote or embryo death?

Re-absorption is when the female's body breaks down and uses the embryo's body, usually occurring when the body determines that it is not pregnant. The zygote dies because it is being absorbed into the females body.

How many years does a female have calves?

That all depends on how long she lives to, and whether she is a donor cow in terms of embryo transfer.

How many sex chromosomes does a male embryo have?

An embryo, male or female, usually has two sex chromosomes, one from mom, one from dad. In a male's case, they would be XY. Rarely, nondisjunction occurs, and a child winds up XXX, XXY, XYY, or X. XXX and X become female, and XXY and XYY become male. So, it is theoretically possible for a male embryo to have three sex chromosomes.

How chromosomes determines whether and child is male or female?

Females have two X chromosomes. Males have one X and one Y.

Does one ovary produce boys and the other girls?

No, the ovaries produce eggs that are neither male nor female. It is the father's sperm that determines whether the egg will be male or female.

Is an embryo male or female?

Embryos can be male or female.

How sex of embryo can be determined?

By taking the DNA of the embryo, putting it through some tests and coming out with results on whether it's a female (XX chromosomes) or a male (XY chromosomes). These chromosomes are the same in terms of sex selection for all mammals.

What is a female carrying embryo called?


What is the word which describes a female carrying an embryo?


Which sex chromosome determines if an offspring is male or female in humans?

In humans, which sex chromosome determines if an offspring is a male or female?

What causes some eggs to turn into chicks and others to turn into yolks?

The embryo consumes the yolk, and cells turn it into more of the chick enabling it to grow.

Why can we say that the embryo sac is the female gametophyte of flowering plants?

Because it is where the embryo of a seed plant develops. I hope my answer can help you. =)