What devices are used in an ATM network?

ATM Devices


An ATM network is made up of an ATM switch and ATM endpoints. An ATM switch is responsible for cell transit through an ATM network. The job of an ATM switch is well defined: it accepts the incoming cell from an ATM endpoint or another ATM switch. It then reads and updates the cell-header information and quickly switches the cell to an output interface toward its destination. An ATM endpoint (or end system) contains an ATM network interface adapter. Examples of ATM endpoints are workstations, routers, digital service units (DSUs), LAN switches, and video coder-decoders (CODECs). Figure 20-3 illustrates an ATM network made up of ATM switches and ATM endpoints.

Figure 20-3: An ATM network comprises ATM switches and endpoints.

http://www.pulsewan.com/data101/images12341.gif An ATM Network consists of an ATM switch and ATM end systems.