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Q: What devices can the Tini Tuner for Game Boy be used with?
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What channel do you use for ps3?

That is determined by the TV and many of the newer TV have settings for other devices and the channel and TV tuner is not used and can remain on any channel.

What are a few input devices?

An input device is a device that is used to input data or information into a computer. Some examples of input devices inchoess3 nut in yo buttComputer miceTouchpadsTrackballsImage scannersWebcamsBarcode scannersVideo capture / tuner cardsMicrophonesMIDI instruments

What is ss tuner and its applications?

ss tuner is used for calculating the depth of penetration

What is a drum tuner used for?

A drum tuner is used to tune drumheads by adjusting the tension. Marlon Brando invented the first automatic tuner, to easily adjust the tension in all the heads.

What is an FM tuner?

An FM tuner can be a radio or some other devices. It allows you to tune in to FM radio stations which mostly play music. Today, online radio software are vastly used not only in the US but also in other countries for it allows you to tune in to over thousands of FM stations around the world.

What is the use of a digital tuner?

There are a few uses for a digital tuner, it can be used when needing to tune a guitar to ensure each string is in the correct key or there is a digital tuner which can be used for your TV to receive a signal that enables you to watch various channels through a digital TV set.

Keyboard mouse and disk are examples of.?

Input devices.

What are some electronic devices that are used today?

Some are video game systems and laptops and TV's.

What is used to tune brass instruments to common pitch?

it is a slide tuner

What is used to tune brass instruments to a common pitch?

it is a slide tuner

Can you use a flute tuner for a used flute?

yes just because it is used it is still a flute.

What is a PC TV tuner used for?

A PC TV tuner is typically used to watch or record television programming on one's desktop or laptop computer. There are both analog and digital TV tuners available on the market for consumers.