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Output Devices

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Q: What devices make information resulting from processing available for use?
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Make information resulting from processing available for use?

output devices

What are ways to make information resulting from processing available for use?

Output devices.

Do output devices make the information resulting from processing to occur?


How is information derived from data?

Input devices sends data to the central processing unit. Central processing unit (CPU) excutes computer instructions. Memory holds data and programs currently in use. In the same time secondary storage devices stores data and programs. Lastly output devices make processed data (information) available.

Processing devices of a computer?

The main devices that do the most work at computing in all computers it the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Consists of the processing results produced by a computer?

Information consists of the processing results produced by a computer. By definition, computers are devices that convert raw data into useful information.

What two devices for processing?

the processing devices are CPU, CD-ROM, and Memory Card

What is the definition of processing devices?

Processing devices are those devices which are used for processing the computer system. For example:mother board, video card,sound card etc.

What are the five phases of information processing?

Information processing involves five phases: input, process, output, storage, and retrieval. Each of these phases and the devices associated with each are discussed below.

What is the purpose of the input devices?

Input devices are used to capture data at the earliest possible point in the workflow, so that the data are accurate and readily available for processing.

What are the three fundamental elements of a computer?

CPUMemoryI/OInputOutputStorageArithmetic Logic UnitControl UnitMemory UnitInput/Output Unit(s)Input devices, Processing Unit, Output Devices. Input some raw data after processing you will get Information as Output. The structure will be like this.......... Data----------> Processing----------------> InformationInput---------> Processing----------------> Output

What is hardware resource?

hardware resouces Include all physical devices and materials used in information processing

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