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Many electrical and electronic devices use electromagnets, including telephones, sound speakers, maglev trains, junkyard cranes, and doorbells.

Electric motors create an electromagnetic field around a permanent magnet, as do the generators used to create electric power.

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Q: What devices use electromagnets?
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What mechanical devices use electromagnets?

radios, telephones, and coumputers

What is the exact number of devices that use electromagnets?

a gog ate my cheese

What devices uses electromagnets?

Electric motors, televisions, maglev trains, telephones, computers and many other modern devices use electromagnets A selection of articles related to Electromagnet - Devices that use electromagnets DEFINITION Classification: 335/ This class is restricted to the structure of electric current switching devices or relays of general application for closing or opening electrical circuits which devices are magnetically operated or to magnet structure, per se, either electromagnets or permanent magnets, adapted for use as a source of magnetic flux for performing external work

Why are electromagnets used in many electronic devices?

Electromagnets are used in many electronic devices because they can be used to lift very heavy objects. They are also in machines doctors and scientists use everyday. As you can see, electromagnets are used in many different ways!

What are the devices that make used of electromagnets?

AC/DC Motors, Generators etc. are the devices that make Used of electromagnets.

What are some devices that use electromagnetism?

Electromagnets in scrapyards are used to carry metal around. Electromagnets are better than normal magnets because you can turn the current on and off.

Are Magnets and electromagnets are used in many devices?


How are electromagnets used in the home?

I think that electromagnets are used in the home in televisions, by giving current to the electromagnet, which then gives a magnetic field out causing the television to turn on. Also, other devices like electronic bells, and other devices. See the other questions on 'electromagnets in the home' to find out other devices!!!

What everyday things do you use electromagnets in?

Electromagnets are components of most electrical ,digital and electronically operated devices in household , industries,defence,space research,IT,medical including instrumentations,automation,switches,timing devices,robotics in everyday use . Some examples are TV,computers,digital mobiles, automobiles etc

How does a cell phone use electromagnets?

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

Does an iron box use electromagnets?

no there is no use of electromagnets in iron box

Do electric motors use electromagnets?

Electric motors do use electromagnets.

What are the devices that convert electrical energy into magnetic energy?


How do electromagnetic devices impact on society?

Electromagnets are widely used in the society. An advantage is that humans use electromagnets in all kinds of useful utensils like doorbells, telephones, cranes, computer disks, mobile phones, televisions and so on. Also eye surgeons, while performing operations, use electromagnetic devices to recover the patient.

How are electromagnets used?

Electromagnets are used in many ways. Televisions use electromagnets to direct the electron beam, whereas loudspeakers and earphones use electromagnets to push the diaphragm forwards.

How do cat scans use electromagnets?

CAT Scan does not use electromagnets, its MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which uses Electromagnets to produce images of the patient's body.

Do ipods use electromagnets?


What has the author T B Montgomery written?

T. B. Montgomery has written: 'Design of magnets and electromagnets' -- subject(s): Magnetism, Electromagnets, Magnets, Magnetic devices

Why are electromagnets used in so many electronic devices?

Because they are magnets and electronics stick to magnets

Where use electromagnets?

Inside of electric motors are electromagnets and permanent magnets. In a metal junk yard large electromagnets are used to pick up metal. In MRI's large electromagnets are used for imaging.

4 ways how to use electromagnets?

Electromagnets are primarily used to produce electricity Any large scale facility with lots of instruments will definitely have electromagnets in it. Generators in the powerhouse uses big electromagnets to produce AC voltage which is then transported for the commercial or residential use.

What can you use electromagnets for?

the window of the car

Do telephones use electromagnets?


How do you ancient Greeks use electromagnets?

The ancient Greeks understood magnets but since they did not have a source of electricity, they did not use electromagnets. They did make compasses.

Do microphones use electromagnets?

Yes, it its because the electromagnets is a kinds of machine that you uses in a application magnets in your homemade.