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Maa, the old ewe, was telling Rex that he has to treat the others "nice-like" and "no biting." She shares the password with him, but only after he promises to keep it secret.

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What is the sheep dogs name in babe the movie?

Fly, the female, and Rex.

What kind of sheepdog is rex in the movie babe?

The dog who played Rex in the 1995 Australian film "Babe" is a Border Collie.

What is the sheepdog from the movie Babe called?

there are two sheepdogs and they are both called Rex and Fly.

Are Fly and Rex the registered names of the border collies in Babe If not what are they?

Yes those are the names Fly and Rex i watched the movie a week ago

How much did t rex weight when he was a babe?

bout 40-45kg

What is babe dog called?

The male dog was Rex and the female was Fly

Who starred in the movie babe?

Roscoe Lee Browne as the narrator.Christine Cavanaugh as Babe: the main protagonist. He is a piglet, raised by the sheepdog Fly. He is considered one of the stupid animals at first, but becomes a hero in the end. Unlike his dog family, his tactic of herding sheep is to ask the sheep politely.James Cromwell as Arthur Hoggett: the farmer of Hoggett Farm. He is referred to by the animals as "The Boss". (The exception being Duchess, who considers him "The Boss's husband.") Unlike his wife, he sees how valuable Babe (or "Pig") really is on the farm. He is a man of few words; in fact, it is noted by the Narrator at the end of the film that in his life, Arthur has spoken fewer words than anybody in the stadium at the sheepdog trials.Miriam Margolyes as Fly: Hoggett's female border collie sheepdog. She is the first to consider Babe as one of the family. She is a strong believer in the way things are. Like Rex, she views the sheep as inferior. She is the mother of a litter of pups. Though she firmly believes that sheep are the stupidest animals on the farm, she asks the sheep for information while Farmer Hoggett suspected Babe killed Maa.Hugo Weaving as Rex: Farmer Hoggett's lead sheepdog who fathered Fly's puppies. He is also a strong believer in the way things are. When Babe starts herding sheep, he becomes jealous and very vicious toward everyone, especially Fly, for encouraging Babe. Rex seems to have a particular hatred toward sheep. Both he and Fly blame the "stupidity of sheep" for his impaired hearing, which kept him from the Grand National Sheepdog Champion title. Eventually, he helps Babe win the sheepdog tournament by asking the sheep at Hoggett Farm for help.Miriam Flynn as Maa: an old ewe who lives on Hoggett Farm. She is very old, but cares very much about Babe and does not want him growing up like the dogs, who she views as savages. She teaches Babe that sheep will do anything if you ask nicely. She dies after an attack by stray dogs. She is loved by everyone.Danny Mann as Ferdinand: An Indian Runner Duck. He is all too aware of his tenuous existence and lowly status on the farm, and is somewhat neurotic as a result. Because ducks are viewed as one of the stupid animals, he tries to find a purpose by waking up the Bosses in the morning, much to the annoyance of the Bosses and the rooster. He befriends Babe and tries to get him to destroy the alarm clock. He leaves at one point, but returns after a while. He's allergic to cats.Magda Szubanski as Esmé Hoggett: Arthur Hoggett's wife. She is very happy when Arthur wins Babe at the carnival, for she sees Babe as a delicious Christmas Dinner. She becomes shocked to see Babe in the sheepdog tournament. She is part of the County Women's Guild. She has a daughter, a son in law, and two grandchildren. She always refers to her husband as "Hoggett" even when she speaks to the veterinarian.Russi Taylor as Duchess: the Hoggetts' spoiled cat. She does not like Babe at all. Although the film has no main antagonist, she plays a villainous role. Just when Babe was getting excited about the sheepdog trials, she convinces him to run away by telling him that humans only keep pigs to eat them. Unlike the other animals on the farm, when she is talking about the Boss, she is referring to Mrs. Hoggett.

What is the name of the t-rex in the movie night at the museum?


Is there a film called generator rex?

There is no movie called Generator Rex. Generator Rex is an animated children's TV series.

Will there be an erec rex movie?


When does the erec rex movie come out?


What was the name of the dinosaur in the movie Toy Story?


What is the name of the dinosaur in the Toy Story movie?


In the movie toy story what was the dinasores name?


What is the movie called with Ben 10 and Generator Rex?

its not really a movie more like a long episode. its called "Ben 10/ Generator Rex Heroes United.

Name a rex Harrison and Audrey hepburn movie?

My Fair Lady was a classic with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.

Is vastatosaurus rex real?

no vastatosaurus rex is not real dinosaur it was just a idea for the king kong movie by peter Jackson

Is grand rex a movie theater?

Le Grand Rex is the largest and well-known theater and music venue in Paris.

Is rex in Star Wars?

Captaian Rex apears ONLY in Star Wars The Clone Wars in bothe the movie and show.

What movie cowboy had a horse named Rex?

annie tweenies

Who plays George in Scary Movie 3?

simon rex

What movie and television projects has Maeve Germaine been in?

Maeve Germaine has: Played Sandra in "Educating Rita" in 1983. Played Kate in "The Country Girls" in 1984. Played Young Woman in Kiosk in "The Woman Who Married Clark Gable" in 1985. Played Katrina in "Rawhead Rex" in 1986. Played Maggie in "Now I Know" in 1988. Played Jenny in "Police Rescue" in 1989. Played Paddy in "Screaming" in 1992. Played Sheep in "Babe" in 1995.

What actors and actresses appeared in Babe - 1995?

The cast of Babe - 1995 includes: Mary Acres as Valda Ross Bagley as Puppy Kimberly Bailey as Sheep Gemini Barnett as Puppy Jacqueline Brennan Doug Burch as Other Character Voices Christine Cavanaugh as Babe James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur H. Hoggett Patrika Darbo as Sheep Rachel Davey as Puppy Michelle Davison as Sheep Debi Derryberry as Puppy John Doyle as TV Commentator John Erwin as TV Commentator Miriam Flynn as Maa Julie Forsyth as Sheep Janet Foye as Country Woman Maeve Germaine as Sheep Karen Gough as Country Woman Doris Grau as Country Woman Pamela Hawken as Country Woman Rosanna Huffman as Sheep Kevin Jamal Woods as Puppy Linda Janssen Carlyle King as Sheep Evelyn Krape as Old Ewe Roscoe Lee Browne as Narrator Karl Lewis Miller as Man Buying 3 Pups Nicholas Lidstone as Sheep Rustler Tina Lifford as Sheep Mary Linda Phillips as Sheep Paul Livingston as Rooster Matthew Long as Sheepdog Trial Officer Charlie MacLean Danny Mann as Ferdinand Miriam Margolyes as Fly Courtland Mead as Puppy Justin Monjo Antonia Murphy Marshall Napier as Chairman of Judges Gennie Nevinson as Sheep Paige Pollack as Sheep Jazz Raycole as Puppy Trevor Read as Electrical Linesman Neil Ross Magda Szubanski as Esme Hoggett Russi Taylor as Duchess the Cat Scott Vernon Kerry Walker as Sheep Hugo Weaving as Rex David Webb as The Vet

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The next movie Rex Smith appeared in after Sooner or Later was Headin' for Broadway, where he played the part of Fast Eddie. His next movie role after that was playing the part of Frederic in the TV movie, The Pirates of Penzance.

How big is a medium sized dinosaur?

The average size for dinosaurs is about the size of a sheep. Most dinosaurs were not the size of T-rex and Triceratops.

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