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that he was not real he was made from nothing of nothing and people are worshipping him, so emperor Constantine called council of nicea 325 ad and change his name to Jesus Christ.

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How do you say Christ in you in latin?

Christus in vobis

How do you say 'brother in Christ' in German?

Bruder in ChristusBrethren in Christ would be:Brüder/Brueder in Christus

How do you say Christ has risen in Latin?

Christus resurrexit.

Who was Arius and what did he say about Jesus?

Arius argued that Jesus, though divine, was lesser than God the Father. This view lost out to the standard doctrine of the Trinity

When was Arius born?

Arius was born in 256.

When did Arius die?

Arius died in 336.

How does one say Jesus Christ is Risen in Latin?

Christus resurrexit

How do you say Christ is born in Latin?

Christus natus est (alleluia!)

When did Battle of the Arius happen?

Battle of the Arius happened in -208.

Christus vincit Christus regnat and christus imperant means?

Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands.

What did arius believe?

Arius did believe that the Son of God was a subordinate entity to God the father. Arius was a Christian presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt.

What did John Paul Jones say to the British captain of the Serapis?

"I have not yet begun to fight"

What does Christus vincit?

"Christus vincit" means "Christ conquers".

When did Petrus Christus die?

Petrus Christus died in 1475.

When was Petrus Christus born?

Petrus Christus was born in 1410.

Who was the captain of the serapis?

Captain John Paul Jones became the captain of the Serapis after his own ship The Bonhomme Richard sank in battle with her. The previous captain of the Serapis was Captain Pearson. As an side, the HMS Serapis was unique in that it had a hull made of copper.

When was Sir Christus born?

Sir Christus was born on April 10, 1978.

When was Christus - opera - created?

Christus - opera - was created in 1894.

What is Society of St. Pius X's motto?

Society of St. Pius X's motto is 'Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat'.

What is a serapis?

A serapis is a Coraeco Egyptian god. It was devised as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm.

John Paul Jones defeated the British ship the in the North Sea in 1779?


What is the word for Christ in latin?

The word for Christ is "Christus" as in "Solus Christus", Christ alone.

How do you say the blood of Christ in German?

Christus Blut (approximate English pronunciation: KRISS-toos bloot)

How old is Sir Christus?

Sir Christus is 33 years old (birthdate: April 10, 1978).

Did Serapis become Jesus Christ?

No not at all Jesus was Jesus from the very beginning. And if you ask his age, he is ageless so say some. But in fact the bible says Jesus was about 30 years old when he started his ministry Luke 3:23 Serapis Christus created by Ptolemy the first who wanted to worshipped as a god king in egypt but wasnt allowed, so he used resources such as emporer constatine to help promote his agenda creating who we know now today as Jesus Christ the HEAD of the CHURCH, But any follower of God knows that the church is who your supposed to be following its God.