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She wearing a helmet and holding a shield.

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Q: What did Athena Greek goddess look like?
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What does Athena the god look like?

She is imortal and is dressed as a warrior with fully armor. She is goddess of wisdom and crafts. This is in "Greek Mythogly

What does the greek goddess Athena look like?

she is very beautiful and is the Goddess of wisdom

What did the goddess Athena look like?

she looked like a very good queen.

What kind of clothes did Greek goddess Athena wear?

she would hve wore something like a white cloth made to look like a dress of some sort

What does Athena's symbols look like?

The Greek goddess Athena has different symbols, including the owl, a shield, helmet, and spear. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and so the owl represents this. Likewise, because this goddess also is associated with warriors and victory, her other symbols are related to these aspects, especially the shield/breastplate also called an aegis.

What do children of Athena look like?

In classical mythology, Athena didn't have any children. She was a virgin goddess.

What would medusa the greek god use her powers for?

Medusa isn't a Greek Goddess, and she doesn't have any powers, except if you mean the 'turn into stone when you look her in the eye' thing. That was only a curse by Athena because Medusa and Poseidon were making love in one of Athena's temples, and Athena is a virgin goddess.

What does Athens look like?

Do a web search for images of Athens - there are plenty to inform you.

What does goddess Athena look like?

Athena was a gray eyed goddess. she has a golden shield,helmet, and spear in most pictures. she is usually potraited with an owl. she is bold and confident.

What is Athenas responsibility?

If you are talking about the greek goddess then it would be Wisdom, weaving, crafting i think

What did the greek goddess Pandora look like physically?

Do you know if Pandora the Goddess was respected/

What did the Greek goddess Persephone's jewelry look like?