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What did Bilbo name his sword?

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Bilbo named his sword Sting.

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Bilbo named his sword sting. He got the idea because while he was fighting the giant spiders and one of them shouted that Bilbo had a sting, meaning that he was stabbing them with something sharp.

What did the magic of the sword tell bilbo

When a sword has a name it is because it belonged to a hero, so when Bilbo named his sword he thought of himself as a hero and that's a step for Bilbo and very important to know when your writing a paper on the book.

Sting. Right after killing the spiders.

Gandalf gave Bilbo a sword.

Bilbo's sword was called Sting

After using the small sword to vanguish the spiders in Mirkwood, Bilbo decides that it deserves a name and calls it Sting.

Bilbo discovered that his sword Sting glowed a pale, icy blue when orcs were near.

After killing his first spider Bilbo feels fiercer and bolder. Bilbo was thinking of it from the spider's point of view and named his sword Sting.

The character of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit did indeed have a sword named Sting. And yes, you can get it on

Frodo's sword is given to him by Bilbo. The sword is named Sting during the book The Hobbit.

He defends himself from a giant spider in Mirkwood by killing it. He then looks at his sword and says something along the lines of, "I shall name you sting!" because of the sting of pain it caused the spider.

Bilbo gives his cousin Frodo the One Ring after being hard pressed to do so by Gandalf. In fact, Bilbo almost drew his sword on Gandalf.

A regular sword would be too big. (since he's a hobbit)

Bilbo IS a Hobbit. Etymologically, a Hobbit is literally a "hole dweller" while Bilbo means "a short sword".

The large knife that he used as a sword came from the lair of the trolls.

Bilbo knows his sword was made by the Elves because Gandalf told him when he found it in the cave. Gandalf gave it to the Hobbit in case he ever needed to defend himself on his own.

Bilbo gives it that name after he defeats the spiders in Mirkwood. He's referring to himself being the stinging fly who fights back, and the sword is his sting.

"Bilbo Baggins" is the name of Bilbo Baggins. Unless you're asking for his untranslated Westron name, which would be "Bilba Labingi".

On page 156 Bilbo kills his first spider and names his sword 'Sting'. Throughout the rest of chapter 8 Bilbo kills so many spiders they begin to fear him.

The sword ''Sting'', acquired and named by Bilbo, later inherited by Frodo, has no inscription.In Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, the sword (Sting) does have an inscription. Engraved on the blade and cross guard of the sword is an inscription in Elven language of Sindarin written in Tengwar script: "Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im" which translates to "Sting is my name, I am the spider's bane." This obviously refers to the events during ''The Hobbit'' where Bilbo first used and named his sword; this would indicate that the inscription would have had to be added after Bilbo's adventure.

Bilbo named the dagger, the size of a sword for a hobbit, Sting after his battle with the spiders in Mirkwood. He named it Sting because it stung the spiders. During Frodo's rejuvenation in Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings, when they were about to leave, Bilbo gave him his dagger.

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit from The Shire.