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What did Bobby Locke call his putter?

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calamity jane

Bobby Locke called his putter "the payoff club" Bobby Jones' putter was Calamity Jane

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What nickname did Bobby Locke give his putter?

lamity jane

Is bobby Locke putter in standrews golf museum?

no it is in my house it was given to my father in about 1978.

How much is a Bobby Locke signed Gradidge putter worth?

Quote from Bobby Locke:- An item is worth what the highest bidder will pay for it. Has the putter got a wooden shaft and is it stamped on the sole "Bobby Locke" There seem to be a few of these around, some posing as his original old RUSTY which has no name of any kind on it. Perhaps you can offer it on Ebay but you must photograph the head all round, shaft (hickory?) and grip. It is important if the club is fitted with a plastic ferrule on the neck. Obviously, old clubs are not fitted with plastic. Alfred

When was Bobby Locke born?

Bobby Locke was born on November 20, 1917.

When did Bobby Locke die?

Bobby Locke died on 1987-03-09.

What was the nickname for a putter?

Golfing great Bobby Jones called his putter "Calamity Jane".

When and where was baseball player Bobby Locke born?

Bobby Locke was born March 3, 1934, in Rowes Run, PA, USA.

What are the release dates for How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No- 1 'The Putter' - 1931?

How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No- 1 'The Putter' - 1931 was released on: USA: April 1931

What is Bobby Locke's birthday?

Bobby Locke was born on November 20, 1917.

Which golfer invited Bobby Locke to try PGA tour?

Sam Snead

What do you call a gorilla that plays golf?

A Harry Putter! hahaha ;0

When and where did baseball player Bobby Locke play?

Bobby Locke debuted on June 18, 1959, playing for the Cleveland Indians at Cleveland Stadium; he played his final game on September 29, 1968, playing for the California Angels at Anaheim Stadium.

What nickname did Bobby Jones give his putter?

Jones' putter Calamity Jane was already named before it was given to him. It was given to him at the Nassau Country Club in Long Island, NY. When he replaced it, he gave it to the Augusta National Golf Club. He called the new putter Calamity Jane II and it is on display at the USGA Museum.

Why is a bobby sock call a bobby sock?

because it wants to :)

What are baseball player Bobby Locke's physical stats?

Bobby Locke is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 185 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What is a sentence for putter?

His putter and driver are missing from his golf bag.He tapped the ball gently with his putter and it went into the hole.

Who are the dancers in Bobby Brown's Every LIttle Step Video?

Derrick and Willie... they went to Locke High school.

In what episode of king of the hill does bobby get an older girlfriend?

". . . And They Call It Bobby Love."

Where do you get a Caddyshack Putter?

Click on the 'Caddyshack Putter' link on this page to go to the official Caddyshack Putter website and learn more of its availability.

What kind of golf putter does Zack Johnson use?

SeeMore putter

What did a putter do in the Industrial Revolution?

You need to explain what you mean by the word 'putter'?

Who makes the best putter?

When choosing a putter its personal preference. here are a list of top quality putters: Scotty Cameron Studio Style Putter, Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball, Odyssey DFX 2- Ball Blade, Ping G2i Craz-E Putter,Callaway I Trax Putter, and Taylor Made Rossa CGB Putter.

How do you find the best putter for you?

The best way to find the correct putter is to talk to a professional putter maker. They will be able to measure the exact height and putter head balance weight to match your swing perfectly. Answer from,

When was Putter Smith born?

Putter Smith was born on 1941-01-19.

When was Eddy Putter born?

Eddy Putter was born on 1982-01-07.