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“King of the Hill” was an American comedy animated series created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. The series was aired weekly from January 12, 1997, to September 19, 2009, on Fox Network.

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How many seasons of King of the Hill are for sale?

They are all available for sale for Region One only.

King of the Hill

Was Katherine Heigl in King of the Hill?

Yes, she played an ex-girlfriend of Boomhauer's who returns to Arlen to announce her marrige to Boomhauer's younger brother Patch (played by Brad pitt).

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How long does it take to bake meat?

it really depends on the kind of meat, their are certain temperatures meats have to be cooked to for them to be considered "done" make sure you know the correct temperature. Then cook the meat until a thermometer reads that temperature.

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If you are talking about a roast in the oven - stick a meat thermometer in it and cook until it reaches the right temperature. You can cook in a moderately hot oven 375 degrees to 400 degrees; begin checking about 20 minutes into the cooking process.

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What kind of car does peggy hill drive on king of the hill?

AnswerPeggy Hill drives a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne

No, it's a Buick. I'm not sure what model or year because they don't mention it in the show but there is an episode where Hank says that Peggy's car is a Buick.

Let's put it this way, The car is clearly a General Motors product from the mid-80's. There was a time when Hank clearly referred to Peggy's vehicle as a Buick, but, in the episode where Peggy is discouraged about not being able to find shoes that fit, a woman walks up to her car, when Peggy turns to look at her, you can clearly see the Pontiac logo in the center of the steering wheel. So this, like many other continuing themes in King of the Hill, is a matter of dispute.


Peggy Hill drives a 1982-87 Buick Regal 4dr sedan G-body. That is NOT a Pontiac logo you supposedly say, you saw... it is a Buick symbol. The car could also be a 1980-81 Buick Century 4dr sedan G-body... But the Regal took over that bodystyle, when the Century went FWD in 1982. One episode, Peggy says something about the BUICK, I think when she comes inside while Hank is in the house.

In the later episodes, Peggy trades her Buick in on a black Chrysler Sebring JXI convertible. That's the episode, where Hank pays full sticker price for the car... and he thinks the salesman he knows, is always giving him a good deal... when actually, the guy charges him full price. lol

King of the Hill

Why On King of the Hill does Joe Jack call Hank Hill Honey?

I wondered that too. But I've heard him say it a few more times to other characters (like Bobby), so I think it must just be some kind of texan dialect sort of thing. Like the way Nancy calls everyone Sug(ar).

It isn't a Texan dialect thing, it's a Joe Jack thing. He calls everyone "honey." It seems to be there simply to make the character unique and funny (a burly, deep-voiced man calling people of all ages and sexes an endearment). It's incongruous and therefore funny. My assumption was that one of the writers knew someone who did that, but I have no solid evidence that it's true.

It's also odd that Hank doesn't react to Joe Jack using those terms of endearment with him, considering how unemotional Hank is. Quite frankly, it's creepy as heck.

Found this on wiki (

>>Joe Jack (voiced by Toby Huss) - Joe Jack is a fuel-truck driver and co-worker with Hank at Strickland Propane. He has a drinking problem, as seen when he is a member of the Propaniacs, and it has also been stated that he has a gambling problem as well. He has a habit of calling people "honey", regardless of gender. His voice and "honey" tagline is modeled after a backstage character from the Jack Benny Radio Program, who had a similar sound to his voice and also called everyone "honey" regardless of gender, something Jack Benny had to explain to guests, including in the April 28, 1948 episode "Charlie's Aunt." (citation and name of Benny character needed).

So the above was mostly right, this is just making it go a little deeper. My pals in Texas say that this show is like Seinfeld to us in New York. Makes more sense why I don't get their jokes

King of the Hill

Where did king of the hill come from?

i think it was a spin off of Beevis and Buttheads neighbor

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What are outtakes?

Out-takes are scenes which were cut from the original script because of a mishap; be it a mistake in grammar, an actor bumps into something, laughter erupts from a mistake, but the funny out-takes are usually the ones shown just before the ending credits, or during.

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Is cillian Murphy related to Brittany Murphy?

No Cillian is from Ireland and Born and Raised in Cork. No relation what so ever.

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How does hank hill die?

Hank Hill never died in the series King of the Hill. Although his father Cotton Hill died later in the series.

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What is the song played on dance academy season 1 episode 20 part 3?

I am actually trying to find out the same thing, its when they are doing the hip hop dance in front of everyone right?yea well, if i happen to find out ill get back to you straight awaay:)

hi! this is a different person i didnt want to delete the other person's work... well the song that they do the hip hop dance to in ep 20 part 3 of DA is called "Got Rocks" by Amphibious Zoo.

hope this helps!

Yep, their right, it is "got rocks" by amphibious zoo, but you can't find it anywhere, no idea how they got it.

Yeah.. i cant seem to find it either :(

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What beer do they drink on king of the hill?


King of the Hill

Where does Hank Hill work?

Strickland Propane

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Who wrote the song Don't speak performed by No Doubt?

The No Doubt song "Don't Speak" was co-written by Eric Stefani and Gwen Stefani and co-produced by Matthew Wilder.

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What did actress Dana Hill die of?

Dana Hill (Real Name Dana Hill Goetz) died on July 15, 1996 of complications from diabetes and a stroke which ultimately caused her death. She is best known as Audrey Griswald in National Lampoon's European Vacation movie, as Jennifer Phillips who was exploited by a pedophille (portrayed by former SAG President Richard Masur) in the Made-For-TV movie Fallen Angel, and as the voice of Max in Disney's Goof Troop.

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How many places on 'King of the Hill' are real places?

Very few important places from King of the Hill are real, though the whole show is based on various places in Texas. The city of Arlen is a pastiche of several cities all over the state, and the show goes out of its way to avoid pinning down exactly where Arlen is. In fact, no place in Texas could possibly be in all the places Arlen has been based on things said in various episodes. Real cities are referred to in passing, and characters visit several real places during the run of the show, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Wichita Falls and Port Aransas. Locales near Arlen also tend to be imaginary, including McMaynerbury, Heimlich County (which includes Arlen), Durndle County, and Fort Blanda (the Army base where Bill works).

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How old is Hank Hill?

His age for the show is fixed at 45 years old.

King of the Hill

How long has King of the Hill been running?

King of the Hill debuted in 1997 & is still in syndication on Cartoon Network's adult swim as of August 2015 (Check your local listings for other times) however its original run lasted on FOX from 1997 to 2010 w/ 259 episodes..

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When does The Hills start episodes?

April 27th, 2010 at 10PM

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What country is designated as the world's capital?


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines

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Do steep hills erode faster than gentle hills?

Steep Hill Erodes Faster. The Water Picks Up Speed And More Energy To Wear Away The Earth.

Generally, hills will be steep because they are made of resistant rock; whereas gentle hills will have that shape because they are made of rock that is easily eroded. Hence steep hills will not necessarily erode faster than gentle ones. However, if a hill is steep because it has recently been formed by tectonic activity, and it comprises soft rock, it will erode faster than a more gentle hill of the same material.

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What is the logo on Dale Gribble's hat?

Mack Truck

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What year did king of the hill come out?

it debuted on January 12, 1997 in Canada. the show is currently in its 13th & final season , as FOX announced the show,s cancellation in 2008.

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What time do cobras sleep?

It depends what species of Cobra you are talking about. Well, if you are talking about King Cobras, They are Diurnal animals Which means They Sleep During Nighttime.

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Is bobby hill hank hill's biological son?

Yes, he is his biological son


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