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After the deadly civil war happened from 1861 to 1865, congress repaired the economy and farms back to originals and they hoped that people will no longer live in poverty or debt. Congress declared that slavery is illegal in all parts of america forever.

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Q: What did Congress do to help the freed slaves and a devastated economy?
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How was a state penalized when freed slaves were prevented from voting?

they lost seats in congress, from luis ocs

After the Civil War a major goal of the Radical Republicans in Congress was to?

gain voting right for the newly freed slaves

How many freed slaves remain on the farm where they had worked as slaves?

There are no freed slaves remaining on the farm where they had worked as slaves. After emancipation, freed slaves were free to leave the farms where they were enslaved.

Who were slaves in the South freed by?

the slaves in the south were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.

How did freed slaves return to Africa?

what was the return to Africa like for the freed slaves this is not an answer.

Who is the lady who freed slaves?

Harriet Tubman, freed many slaves in the 1800s.

Number of slaves freed in the south?

almost 4 million slaves been freed

What country was founded by freed slaves?

Liberia is largely populated by freed slaves

What threat did W.Gilmore Simms think freed slaves posed?

W. Gilmore Simms believed that freed slaves posed a threat to the established social order and economic system of the Southern states. He feared that freed slaves would seek revenge on their former masters, leading to social unrest and potential violence. Simms also worried about the implications of integrating freed slaves into society, questioning their ability to contribute positively to the economy and their potential impact on established power structures.

Why was the American colonization society founded?

to make a homeland for freed slaves in Africa

Who freed the slavies?

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves

Who was nickname ''Moses''?

Harriet Tubman, because she freed slaves and in The Bible Moses freed people