What did Ellen Craft do?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Her husband came up with a brilliant plan of turning his almost white wife, Ellen Craft, into a white gentleman. He had the idea that white man might be nice to white man and lend Ellen his slave, or her husband to take her stuff across ona long journey for buisiness. Both her and her husbamd crossed the border unharmed. Ellen became a man to free her and her husband from the bands of slavery.

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Q: What did Ellen Craft do?
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When did Ellen craft die?

Ellen Craft died in 1891.

Who is Ellen craft?

Ellen Craft was one of the millions of slaves that escaped.

Who was Ellen Craft?

Ellen craft was a women who escaped from slavery posed as a white master to her husband William Craft.

How old is Ellen Craft?

Ellen Craft was 22 when she escaped from slavery and 65 when she died in 1891.

Did Ellen craft and William craft have children?

yes they had five children

Who was Ellen Craft's mother?

a hoe

Why is Ellen Craft important?

Ellen Craft is important because of her great exscape from slavery. Her skin was very light so she dressed like a white man and her husband as her slave

Did Ellen Craft settle in South Africa?

no she didn't as she was worried

Who was main character in Two Tickets To freedom?

Ellen and William craft

What does Ellen craft like to do for fun?

Biographies don’t give information of that sort.

Are William and Ellen Craft still alive?

No. to answer your question, William and Ellen Craft are definitely NOT still alive. They lived, {or died}over 100 years ago. not sure that the died, but that was a rough estimate. And yes, I'm 9.

What has the author Cathy Moore written?

Cathy Moore has written: 'Daring Escape of Ellen Craft' 'The daring escape of Ellen Craft' -- subject(s): African Americans, Biography, Fugitive slaves, Juvenile literature, Slaves