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George Seurat was a famous artist

Seurat was a very famous artist. He is most famous for his piece, "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte," which was on a 7 by 10 foot canvas, made entirely out of millions of tiny dots.

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Q: What did Georges seurat do?
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What has the author Georges Seurat written?

Georges SEURAT has written: 'Georges Seurat'

Does Georges Seurat have another name?

Georges-Pierre Seurat.

When was Georges Seurat born and died?

Georges Seurat was born in Paris on December 2, 1859. Georges Seurat died in Paris on March 29, 1891.

Did Georges Seurat accomplish anything?

As a painter, Georges Seurat (along with Signac) pioneered the use of Pointillism.

What age did Georges Seurat begin to study art?

Georges Seurat began to study art at the age of eighteen.

What art school did Georges Seurat go to?

Georges Seurat went to school at the School of fine arts in Paris.

When did Georges Seurat paint the Seine Grand?

There is no Seurat painting of that name.

Which country did George seurat come from?

Georges Seurat is from Paris,France.

When did Georges Seurat graduated?


Where was Georges Seurat born?

In Paris.

Who developed pointillism?

Georges Seurat

Is Georges Seurat American?

No, he was French.

Where did georges seurat travel to?

He did not travel.

What was Georges Seurat's nickname?

No nickname.

What is Seurat the impressionist's first name?

Georges Seurat was a pointillist or neo-impressionist.

Did Georges Seurat have a son?

Yes, he did. His son's name was Pierre Georges.

What year was Georges Seurat born?


What did Paul Haumonte have to do with Georges Seurat?


Was Georges Seurat famous?

he is now to this day.

What country was Georges Seurat from?

He was French, from Paris.

Where did Georges Seurat paint?

He worked in Paris.

What technique did Georges Seurat reject?


How old was Georges Seurat when he died?


What was Georges Seurat's wife's name?

He was not married.

What are facts that Georges Seurat use?