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What did Hera look like?

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Hera is a Greek goddess. No one knows what she looks like.

Many people have make sculptures and paintings of what they think she may look like but no one knows for sure. All of the goddesses were supposed to be very beautiful, though.

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What dos Hera look like?

She was a mythical goddess and therefore she can look like whatever you imagine her to be like.

How did Hera look like?

I think u r asking about hera (diamond) . That's shiny and explosive .

What does hera look like?

brown hair and green eyes

What did Hera the Greek goddess like to do?

Look after childbearing women.

How do you look like Hera the goddess?

The symbol of Hera is the peacock, so put peacock feathers in your hair. Also, wear a fancy stola.

Who was bound to a revolving wheel?

Ixion, because he attempted to rape Hera (but instead slept with a cloud Zeus had made to look like Hera)

What does the Greek goddess Hera look like and why?

Hera is a bad woman. she looks like a really nice lady. she usually wears purple,she has curly hair, and she likes to wear crowns.

What does hera look like and wear?

Nobody is sure how Hera,the queen of the gods looked like but in her roman aspect she wore a goatskin cloth and in greek I guess she wore a white dress.

How did Hera look like when she became queen of the gods?

hera was a beautiful goddess of marrige and children she was tall had blue eyes had brown hair she was the most beautiful goddess that has ever lived!!

What would hera look like in modern times?

Sort of a cross between Shakira and Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Why is Artemis enemes with Hera?

Leto is Artemis's mother with Zeus. Not Hera. Hera doesn't like it when her husband has affairs. so she doesn't like his mistresses and their kids.

What does hera the name look like in roman?

Hera was the Greek goddess who was the wife of Zeus, the god of gods and who was chiefly a divinity of women and marriage. Her equivalent in Roman religion was Juno. the wife of Jupiter.

Which god is just like hera?

Juno is the Roman equivalent to Hera. juno is another word for Hera there the same thing

What do you do to look like Hera?

All images of the Greek goddess Hera were imagined by artists based on the verbal lore they were at the time familiar with. Her image then is different but identifiable by her symbols, as is the case with most gods and goddess of ancient times. There is no one imagine for everyone to identify as 'Hera'.

What does hera the goddess look like?

Hera was usually depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff. Sometimes she held a royal lion or had a cuckoo or hawk as her familiar.

What does the goddess hera look like?

According to most books nobody knew what the Gods looked like because they couldn't reveal their true form to humans but apparently Hera looked like a really nice older lady even though she was believed to be pretty mean.

Any stories about hera?

yes theone btw Hera and Zeus, look it up and you will know the whole story.

How does Hera look like?

She was usually depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff. Sometimes she held a royal lion or had a cuckoo or hawk as her familiar. Hera, however, like Zeus and all Greek deities, could change her shape to her will.

Was Hera pretty?

Yes. Hera was very very pretty.But nobody knows what she actually looked like!!

Did Hera have red or brown hair?

Hera has Red Fiery Hair. (Just like her fiery personality.)

What did Hera like the most?

a perfect family

What Smurf is like Hera the god?


What was the problem between Hera and Hercules?

Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Hera didn't like that Zeus had cheated on her.

Who would Hera like to meet?

he would like to meet ares

When did Hera the Greek god die?

Hera, the Greek goddess, did not die. She was immortal like all of the other gods and goddesses.

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