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Hitler wanted his people to be of Aryan race, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Blonde stupid hair that made you look like an idioit. So dont look like an idiot, do you want to be hitler, didn't think so HATER! Haters be Haten

Because he want to kill another people like you :)) .

People exist with the same traits who want the same things but is unlikely they would want to emulate him including all his mistakes.

Everybody wants to look at everybody. People want to look at everybody to take them people in and find out wether they would like that person, or not like that person.

The popular people do whatever thy want for attention, just like Osama bin laden and hitler did

Yes, while the Jews were in ghettoes they were all naked. They were because Hitler did not want the German people to feel sorry for them so he made they look like they were not human by covering them in mud and not feeding them.

I think your question has not been aswered because it does not ake full sence or people are getting the impression that you like Hitler and do not want to interact with you :P.

Hitler wanted to create what he felt was the "perfect human race"

They can but most people would want them .

Because Hitler is bad man and he want to kill the Jews people.

For several reasons. The main reason was that Hitler wanted to breed people like people breed (farm) animals - and with (farm) animals, you only keep the ones that are robust and healthy.

It looks like there's a word missing in the question. Hitler certainly did not want Jews in Germany.

there don't feel like threre are not getting the feel they want to they think people don't like enjoying seeing them in same condition there are in they think people out there will not like the Way they look .

Because we don't want to believe that people like Hitler or George Bush get to "live Again"

They were mercilessly slain, just like all other people in which Hitler did not want "poisoning" his "master race."

hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

Because people want to be like the celeb they call hero. A hero is someone you look up to, or want to be like. Most teens and adults want to be a celeb like their celeb hero.

it depends how muscular do you want to be if like goku then yeah if you want to look like super trunks then no

Yes Hitler was a boy He was a very evil man and he killed 1,000s of innocent people (mostly Jews) just because he hated Jews If you want to know more than look up the Holocaust

Study people who are 'emo' and look like them.

Hitler did not want to rule the Jews; he wanted to eliminate or exterminate them. The reasons that he wanted to do this are discussed in the Related Question below.

Some people crave power and control. Hitler had a MASSIVE crave for pwer and control and that is why not many people liked him.

Hitler was a person who is now dead and was responsible for the extermination of many Jewish people. You can not and I do not see why you would want to use Adolf Hitler.

because people look at her as a role model, and they want to be just like her!

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