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John Brown was an extreme abolitionist who was angered by slavery and killed 5 of his own pro-slavery neighbors at gunpoint.

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Q: What did John Brown do in Kansas?
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Who fought in kansas Stephen Douglas Abraham Lincoln or john brown?

John Brown

Who was a fervent abolitionist who attacked proslavery families in kansas?

john brown

Which presidents supported the Kansas-Nebraska act?

i believe it was President Pierce. Because the Kansas Nebraska Act happened before "Bleeding Kansas" led by John Brown. BTW John Brown is a terrorist who deserved hanging, not a fan of John Brown.

Who led raids on Kansas?

John Brown, im taking the same test.

Who lead the anti forces in kansas?

john brown

Who harassed antislavery settlers in Kansas?

John Brown

Was john brown born in kansas?

Abolitionist John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut on May 9, 1800.

What was the role of John Brown in the violence that led to ''Bleeding Kansas''?

John Brown and his sons were abolitionists and within Kansas a miniature "civil war" broke out among pro-slavery people and anti-slavery people. John Brown, originally from the East, was a strong believer, that at any cost, slavery could not exist in Kansas. Despite what seems to be overwhelming "evidence" John Brown and his sons were never arrested or prosecuted for the murders he committed in Kansas.

Why did John Brown go to Kansas after the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 was passed?

John Brown was a radical abolitionist. He and his sons traveled to Kansas to take part in the armed conflict there between pro and anti-slavery settlers.

Settlement were john brown killed 5 slaveowners?

Ossawatomie, Kansas.

What did john brown do to make Kansas bleed?

he killed proslavery settlers

Which person sparked a rebellion against slavery which led to the death of more than 200 settlers in kansas?

John Brown:)