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Q: What did Joseph barss accomplish?
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When was Joseph Barss born?

Joseph Barss was born on 1776-02-21.

When did Joseph Barss die?

Joseph Barss died on 1824-08-03.

When was Joseph Barss - ice hockey - born?

Joseph Barss - ice hockey - was born on 1892-02-27.

When did Joseph Barss - ice hockey - die?

Joseph Barss - ice hockey - died on 1971-01-26.

When did John Barss die?

John Barss died in 1851.

When was John Barss born?

John Barss was born in 1778.

What has the author Audrey J Barss written?

Audrey J. Barss has written: 'The Americans in our midst : what can they tell us. Teacher's guide' -- subject(s): Relations, Americans, Study and teaching, Values

What did Joseph glidden accomplish?

He invented barbed wire.

What has the author John M Barss written?

John M. Barss has written: 'Diets of long-eared owls from three habitats in north-central Oregon' -- subject(s): Food, Owls, Long-eared owl

What did Joseph-louis papineau accomplish?

he accomplished on being a laywer

What did Joseph Stalin hope to accomplish during the Great Purge of the 1930s?

He wanted to get rid of all political opponents.

What has the author William H Barss written?

William H. Barss has written: 'Movement of lingcod tagged off the Central Oregon coast' -- subject(s): Lingcod fisheries, Lingcod, Migration 'Maturity and reproductive cycle for 35 species from the family Scorpaenidae found off Oregon' -- subject(s): Scorpionfishes, Life cycles, Reproduction, Growth