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Q: What did Mr president John Tyler face any obstacles while in office?
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First president married while in office?

The first president to get married while in office was John Tyler. John Tyler was also the first president to have his wife die while in office.

Did John Tyler have kids while he was in office?

None of his 14 children were born while he was President.

First president whose wife died while he was in office?

John Tyler

Who was married while president?

John Tyler, Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson all got married while they were in office as President.

Which president had two different first ladies while in office?

John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson both suffered the death of their wives while in office and took a new bride while President.

Did John Tyler start a war while being in office?

No- the US was at peace while Tyler was president. The US was on the verge of war with Mexico and Great Britain .

The first vice president to become president following the death of the president?

John Tyler. John Tyler was Vice President to President William Henry Harrison. William Henry Harrison was the first President to die in office, making John Tyler the succeeding President. William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the United States of America, and until Ronald Regan was elected, was the oldest President in office. President Harrison was inaugurated on March 4, 1841, and died from complications from a cold, while in office, on April 4, 1841; he was 66. John Tyler the Vice President, took office of the President, after Harrison's death.

Who were the presidents who married while in office?

President Grover Cleveland became the first and only president to be married in the White House on June 2, 1886.John Tyler was the first to be married while he was president, but the wedding did not take place in the White House.

Who was single while president of the United States?

Jefferson, Jackson , Van Buren , Buchanan and Arthur were unmarried during all their years in office. Only Buchanan was a bachelor; the others were widowers. Cleveland entered office as a bachelor but married while President. Wilson, Tyler and Benjamin Harrison all had wives who died while they were president. Tyler and Wilson remarried before they left office. Harrison left office as a widower but did remarry later.

Who was the first us president to get married while in office?

John Tyler was the first US President to re-marry while in office.President Tyler's first wife died in 1842 about a year after he took over as President following the death of President William Henry Harrison. He got remarried June 26, 1844, not long before the end of his time as President. He would be the first President to get married while in office.Woodrow Wilson's first wife, died August 6, 1914, the summer after he took office. He remarried December 18, 1915 while still President, but this was obviously many years after Tyler and Cleveland.The only President to come to office a bachelor and get married while serving as President was Grover Cleveland.

Who was the first president to get married while in office?

John Tyler was the first to be married while president. Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson accomplished this feat at later dates. It was the first marriage for Cleveland. Tyler and Wilson both saw their wives die in the White House and re-married before they left office.

Did John Tyler die while president?

NO, Tyler lived for several years as an ex-president.