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He studied the Law and passed the Bar.

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Q: What did Sam Houston study to become in Nashville?
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When did Sam Houston become president?

Sam Houston became president on October 22,1836.

What did Sam Houston become the president of?

Texas .

What year did Sam Houston become the President of Texas?

It was in 1836.

What did sam Houston do as a president?

help Texas become part of the U.S.A

Facts about sam Houston?

Houston is named after Sam Houston

When did Sam Houston become Commander in Chief of the Texan Army.?

In March of 1836.

What year did Sam Houston become President of Texas?

In 1836 and again in 1841.

Who was against the secession of Texas?

Sam Houston He was a US Senator at the time

What are some interesting facts about Sam Houston?

Houston was nicknamed after Sam Houston.

How did Sam Houston become a hero?

He defeated Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto.

When was Sam Houston chosen to become the first President of Texas?

On 5 September 1836.

How did sam Houston trick the US?

By saying that the texas might become an ally of Britain