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He discovered gravity by an apple falling on his head so then he researched it .

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Q: What did Sir Isaac Newton invent or discovered?
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When did Isaac Newton invent stuff?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the laws governing gravity in 1650

Who discovered the laws of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

Who discovered the law of motion and the law of universal gravitation?

Sir Isaac Newton.

Who discovered law of universal gravitation?

Sir Isaac newton.

Who invent telescpe?

Sir Isaac Newton.

What did sir Isaac newton discover about mathematic?

He discovered that if the mathematics he needed didn't exist yet, then he could invent it.

Why did Sir Isaac newton want to invent?

Sir Isaac Newton wanted to invent cause pablo the putty cat told him to blow up china.

What did sir isaac newton invent in 1668?

The telescope

Did Sir Isaac Newton invent the printing press?


Who discovered universal gravitation?

Universal law of gravitation is also called as Newton's law of gravitation.By the name it is clear that it was discovered by the father of physics"Sir Isaac Newton".

Who discovered of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

What is Sir Isaac Newton achievements?

Sir Isac Newton discovered the law of gravity.