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What did Tenesee?

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Idaho! As in "I don't know!" same thing Arkansas!!!

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Is Miley Cyrus from corbin kentucky?

no from tenesee no from tenesee

What does central part mean?

Albama ,Tenesee ,Mississipp, Lousiane , and Kentucky Albama ,Tenesee ,Mississipp, Lousiane , and Kentucky

Miley Cyrus from tenesee?


Is there a desert in Tennessee?

There is not a desert in Tenesee.

Was Taylor Swift Christian?

Taylor swift was and is a christian. She said she was and she graduated from a christian academy in Tenesee. She is not from Tenesee, though. She's from Georgia.

Where is Hannah Montana born at?

Nashville tenesee

Did Oscar Robinson live in tenesee?


Does Miley cryus live in California?

No. She lives in Tenesee

Where does Tim McGraw live in pa?

He lives in Nashville, Tenesee

What part of tenesee does Miley Cyrus come from?

She comes from Nashville

Where was Brandi Cyrus born?

she was born in tenesee Nashville, Tennessee

How many NBA teams are in tenesee?

One. Memphis Grizzlies.

What states border the great smokey mountains?

Tenesee and NOrth Caroline

Did Peyton Manning graduate college?

Yes he graduqted from University of Tenesee

Is Miley Cyrus puertorican?

No Miley Cyrus is an American and was born in Nashville, Tenesee

What is the weather like in tenesee?

the temp. is really hot but at points it an be very chilly.

What river forms part of the border between Alabama and gerogia?

tenesee river

Does Taylor Swift live in canadaa?

No, Taylor Swift lives in Nashville, Tenesee, USA.

Hana tenesee oh sorry Montana suckkkkkkkkkkkkkk?

if your reffering to Hannah Montana sucking, true that.

Is the necklace from the Titanic real?

yes the titanic necles was real but the necles is now in a museam at tenesee.

Did Peyton Manning get a scholarship to Tenesee?

He received a full scholarship from the NAVY after doing 4 years of duty there.

How was Arkansas eastern border made?

tenesee and mississipppi ended at the mississippi river so arkansas started there!

Where is destiny Cyrus's home?

Miley Ray Cyrus lives in Uranus... Miley Cyrus used to live in Tenesee, before she became a star.

Where does Miley Cyrus live in welsh?

Miley Cyrus lives in L.A but her dad still owns a house in Tenesee. They go there every summer.

Does the whole world know that miley is Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana the movie?

at the end she tells everyone in Tenesee but no.not the whole world.

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