What did Woodrow Wilson think would happen to America after the war?

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In Wilson's fourteen points he rallied for the need of a League of Nations and felt that without the nation being a part of this league, war would be inevitable in the nation's future. Ultimately, the League of Nations was formed but without the United States.

Who was Woodrow Wilson?

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States of America during World War 1. He is known for his 14 point speech which outlined a plan for ending the war and his subsequent campaign to form the League of Nations and make the US an active member of it. Before the presidency he was a prof ( Full Answer )

Who is Woodrow Wilson?

Woodrow Wilson was the president who led the United States through World War I. He was also very educated: he was the first U.S. president to have a PhD.

President Woodrow Wilson during World War I?

During World War 1, President Woodrow Wilson led the nation through the war, even though he never wanted to. As soon as he did declare war, he tried to find a way to end it. He had the first effective draft of 1917, set up the War Industries Board, and urged Congress to pass the Lever Act. He helped ( Full Answer )

If the South had won the Civil War what do you think would have happened in North America?

The south would most likely have left the north alone. The south was not trying to conquer the entire country, they just wanted recognition as an independent country. One big part of there plan was to threaten Washington, but not to capture it. They were mainly on the defensive side. The south just ( Full Answer )

Why did Woodrow Wilson ask for a declaration of war?

The US's closest allies were at war, Germany was sinking ships (like the Lusitania), In 1917 of March German submarines sank another three American ships . There was also intelligence that showed that Germany was attempting to form an alliance with Mexico against the US.

Who did Woodrow Wilson support in World War 1?

Woodrow Wilson provided many of the key ideas and personally negotiated many details in the peace treaty that ended World War I. He created the slogan "Peace without Victory" to persuade America to not go to war.Though when Germany stopped sea traffic, sunk U.S. ships, and killed innocent Americans, ( Full Answer )

Why did Woodrow Wilson go to war?

at first he was reluctant to go to war, and one of his campaign slogans was "he kept us out of war" but he was beginning to feel pressure and he felt not going to war would cause destruction in the nation.

How did was Woodrow Wilson a help to America?

(Here are a few things..) Woodrow Wilson gave the speech about the Fourteen points, which were suggestions to spread world peace. From this the League Of Nations was formed. The league of nations was like an association of nations. It united them, they fought together as one. (The US Didn't join) .. ( Full Answer )

How would Woodrow Wilson be best described?

Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was a liberal which basically means he supported free market and less government intervention. You could also describe him as the founder of modern liberalism and foreign policy.

What does Woodrow Wilson did?

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the USA, and negotiated the Versailles treaty also he made prohibition and women's right to vote he kept us out of war was his slogan, and he did.

Where is Woodrow Wilson from?

Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia. He was electedPresident from New Jersey where he was governor and formerpresident of Princeton U.

What policy was Woodrow Wilson promoting about the war in Europe?

Throughout most of his first term in office (1913-1917), headvocated neutrality. This changed in 1916 as Americans were beingkilled by German submarine warfare. But Wilson was still popularlyperceived as being against US involvement in World War I, and itwas only after his re-election that he moved ( Full Answer )

How could Woodrow Wilson prevented the Vietnam War?

After Woodrow Wilson published his Fourteen Points, which included a point that discussed the future sovereignty of colonies, a young Vietnamese man named Nguyen Ai Quoc attempted to meet him and give him his petition for Vietnamese independence from French colonialism. Woodrow Wilson refused to mee ( Full Answer )

Was Woodrow Wilson a war hero?

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. Heserved two terms during World War One and is often hailed as a herofor helping to end the war.

What did Woodrow Wilson believe was the obligation of the us to latin America?

Woodrow Wilson's administration signed treaties with thirty Latin American nations to provide a means for quickly addressing conflicts. Attempting to soothe lingering ill-feelings in Colombia over Theodore Roosevelt's encouraging the Panamanian revolution of 1903, Wilson negotiated a treaty with rep ( Full Answer )

Did Woodrow Wilson serve in war?

Yes he did, But later after war, he was injured. Some people think that it was the surprise attacks in the war that made him jumpy for months later.

Why did President Woodrow Wilson predict that the next generation would end up in another world war?

After the Treaty of Versailles 1919, they were not allowed to have a military force. They had to give up some of their territory (a major cause of WWII), and they were forced to pay reparations for the damages to other countries and for their war costs (another cause of WWII). I am not sure why the ( Full Answer )

What would happen if America lost that revolution war?

The soldiers that fought in the war would be killed by being tarred and featherd. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjarmin Franklin (our four founding fathers) would have been hanged.

Why did Woodrow Wilson struggle with entering World War 1?

13unluck: Woodrow Wilson tried to avoid entering the war but Britain and Theodore Roosevelt had pressured him to do so. After intercepting a message from Germany which invited Mexico to join Germany and wage war on the United States, Wilson pushed America to enter the war. ______________________ ( Full Answer )

What reasons did Woodrow Wilson give for entering the war?

As proven by written documents, Germany tried to get Mexico to declare war on the USA. Since Germany, (a nation that was already hated by the USA for sinking civilian ships with submarines), tried to get Mexico to declare war on the USA, that was enough to convince most Americans to go to war with G ( Full Answer )

What war was Woodrow Wilson in?

Woodrow Wilson was the US President from 1913 to 1921, including the period of World War I (1914-1919).

What compelled Woodrow Wilson to declare war on Germany?

Wilson was compelled to war by - Germany threatening us ships and trade -the amount of chaos in Europe - Zimmerman letter( which was from Germany asking Mexico to declare war on the Us and Germany will help get back land from the US. Mexican war) - and many government officials like teddy Roosevelt ( Full Answer )

How did Woodrow Wilson explain the war goals of the US in World War 1?

In a speech to Congress on January 18, 1918, Wilson outlined his Fourteen Points, the goals of the US in ending World War I. These included the formation of new nations in Europe and the establishment of a world federation (the League of Nations) to settle disputes without resorting to war.

How did Woodrow Wilson feel about the war?

Woodrow Wilson at first was hesitant about the war but and after it ended Wilson made the 14 points which made sure that another war would break out for the same reasons. the 14 points tried to get rid of the 4 MAIN causes of the war (militarism, allies, imperialism, and nationalism.) because he fel ( Full Answer )

Who was Woodrow Wilson and what did he think about the league?

He was the American president after/during the WWI and he was supportive of the League because the covenant included his 14 points and his idea of every nation having the right to make choices of how it wants to be run.

How would history would have changed if Woodrow Wilson never became president?

One man rarely changes history very much. If someone else werePresident instead of Wilson, the US might have entered WW I sooneror later. It is hard to say, but we probably would have got intothe war no matter who was President and once we were in the war,the President did not have much effect. Howe ( Full Answer )

What did Woodrow Wilson want from Germany at the end of the war?

Woodrow Wilson wanted all the parties involved in WW I tomake concessions in his famous "Fourteen Points"-proposal. Germanywas specifically asked to evacuate all territories it had occupiedin Russia, Belgium and France and to return Alsace-Lorraine toFrance, which it had annexed after the Franco-P ( Full Answer )

What happened to league of nation after Woodrow Wilson was out?

The US never did join the League, but it was formed. It did nothave any power. One sad moment was when Mussolini invaded Ethiopiaand Emperor Selassie appealed to the League in person. All theycould do is to shakes their heads and scold Italy.

How did Woodrow Wilson plan to prevent wars in the future?

Via the League of Nations and several other ideas. He was not able to get any of those ideas except the League into the Treaty of Versailles, and even the League was severely crippled in abilities compared to what he wanted it to be.