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As the medieval period spanned approx 400 years, what medieval castles looked like could vary a lot depending upon when they were built, what materials were used and the location.

Following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 until around 1100, castles were mainly motte and bailey type with frames and palisades (fences) made of timber.

From the 12th century onwards these were replaced by castles made of stone, the most substantial being concentric castles. Leeds Castle in Kent built in 1119 is a good example of a concentric castle which is still in tact.

The site for a castle's construction could vary enormously and therefore affected how it was built and how it looked. One example is Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland which was built on very high ground overlooking. Another is Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey which was built on marshland.

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Q: What did a medieval castle look like?
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