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What did ancient Egyptian tomb robbers do with the artifacts they stole?


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Sold them or melted them down to their raw materials and sold them.

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they got into the museum because the doors were not locked and they opened the door. Stole the tombs

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No one stole King Tutankhamun's riches out of his tomb. The tomb was never opened until Howard Carter discovered it in 1922. Many of the artifacts found are on display at traveling museums and at Egyptian museums. The tomb was heavily guarded after its opening and disbursement.

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They were found in tombs sometimes[mostly the pharohs and their queens and sons and daughters]. Sometimes robbers stole the mummies in Egypt and dumped them in the River Nile. I think some of the mummies are still missing today because of the robbers.They might of burnt the bodies of the person mummyfied.Some beileved if you killed some one then you would be cursed with bad luck.Then in the afterlife you will die.

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because the Egyptians believed that if they were buried with their belongings, they would have a better, more peaceful life in the after-life. If anyone stole these items, the people would be cursed forever. The reason they put them in pyramids, is so that the soul would live forever, and for keepsafe. Meaning that in order to keep the gods and goddesses safe they made traps to keep the tomb robbers away.

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