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Anne was a school girl so she didn't do anything for a living but go to school

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Q: What did anne frank do for a living?
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What did Anne Frank for living?

Anna Frank died when she was young therefore she did not do anythingn for a living if that is what you meant to ask. So Anne Frank did not have an occupation

What were the living conditions like for Anne Frank?


Are there any living relatives of Anne Frank?

Yes, there is one living relative of Anne Frank, it's her first cousin Bernhard (Buddy) Elias.

In the diary of anne frank why des anne suspect that margot is jealous of her?

She hates living in Anne shadow.

What was Anne Frank best known for?

I think Anne Frank was best known for living during the Holocaust and keeping a diary which held all of her feelings about living during the war.

What city was anne frank living in when she went into hiding?


Who was anne frank living with before the Holocaust?

she was living with her mum and dad and sister and cat

Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

Who were the family's living with the anne frank in hiding?

The Van Daan`s

What did Dussel do for a living - Story of Anne Frank?

Dussel was a dentist

Is Anne Frank patient?

She was extremely patient for living in the annex and camps

Who were the other 3 families living with Anne Frank?

computer history

What was the name of the person who published Anne Frank diary?

Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father, the only living member of the family, published the book when he found it.

Anne Frank questions?

Where did Anne Frank live mostly throughout the book? What caused her to move to the Annex? Who was her friend that she mourned for? How did Anne feel towards the adults living with her in the Annex? How did Anne feel about the Peter she lived with? Name the characters in Anne Frank and say how they change Anne's life in the story.

How long was Anne Frank in concentration camps?

Anne Frank was living in various concentration camps for about a year. She died of typhus in Bergen-Belson concentration camp in Germany.

Where did Anne Frank live when the Nazis took over Germany?

When Hitler came to power Anne Frank and her family were living in Frankfurt am Main. They soon moved to Amsterdam.

Did anne frank enjoy living in the secret annex?

At first, Anne looked at it as "a great adventure", but after several months, none of those living there really "enjoyed" it, no.

How old would anne frank be if she was still living?

about 78 years old

What were the general living conditions in holland during the war?

is this an Anne frank question

Name any five living social workers in the world?

anne frank

How was Anne Frank affected by World War 2?

Anne Frank was a Jew living in German occupied Holland during WWII. The ramifications of that should be obvious to everyone. Anne Frank died during the war as a result of disease in a concentration camp.

Where is the diary of Anne Frank?

It is in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam protected by the Anne Frank Foundation.

Why is Kraler lived with the Annexes in April 1944' in Anne Frank?

Kraler lived with those living in the Annex or Annexes in April 1944 in Anne Frank because of the German occupation. The Annex was the place where Anne Frank and other Jews hid from the Germans.

What are Anne Frank three nicknames?

anne,clown anne frank

What religion was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was Jewish.