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Blah blah blah

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Q: What did civil servants eat in ancient china?
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What did ancient egyptian servants eat?

Usually the leftovers & scraps from what they cooked for the rich people.

Did ancient China eat chicken?


Why are noodles important in ancient China?

To eat

What did city folk eat in ancient China?


How did ancient china eat their food?

They put it in their mouth and chewed

What did the ancient china people eat?

Millet, rice and mooncake.

Why did ancient China start folding paper for origami?

to eat sandwithches

What kind of food did ancient china nobles eat?

kobyashie and egg rolls

What did poor in Ancient China eat?

mostly rice, millet, sorghum, and wheat

What did slaves in Ancient China eat?

dog meat ,people ,houses, cocroaches

Did they always eat meat in ancient China?

No. They ate a ton of fruit though.

What fruits did they eat in ancient China?

they eat cucumbers, kiwi, mangos, etc. fresh fruit that they grow and sell