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David Bradley was one of 12 engineers that worked on the original IBM personal computer.

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What did David Bradley the engineer invent?

control alt delete.

Did david Bradley from kes play in the Harry Potter films?

No, they are different actors both named "David Bradley". The David Bradley from Kes now goes by Dai Bradley.

When was David Bradley born?

David Bradley was born on April 17, 1942.

When was David G. Bradley born?

David G. Bradley was born in 1953.

When did David Bradley - plowman - die?

David Bradley - plowman - died in 1899.

When was David Bradley - plowman - born?

David Bradley - plowman - was born in 1811.

When was David C. Bradley born?

David C. Bradley was born on 1961-01-20.

Who plays Filch in Harry Potter?

David Bradley Argus Filch is portrayed by British actor David Bradley.

Is david Bradley alive?

No. David Bradley died in 1899, but his Legacy is Alive and well in every state in the union.

When was David Bradley - actor - born?

David Bradley - actor - was born on 1942-04-17.

How old is David Bradley?

UK actor David Bradley is 75 years old (birthdate: April 17, 1942).

What did Benjamin Bradley invent?

Benjamin Bradley invented a steam-powered warship! He was very successful in life and I am recently doing a project on Bradley. Stay in school kids!

What did Milton Bradley Invent?

Milton Bradley created several board games and founded the Milton Bradley Company. This company is still in production today and sells games worldwide.

What has the author David James Bradley written?

David James Bradley has written: 'Black power in Rochester' -- subject(s): African Americans, History

What is David Bradley's birthday?

David Bradley was born on April 17, 1942.

What did David Hilbert invent?


What did David Melville invent?

his children...

What did David Ricardo invent?

The clarinet?

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I think its hapkido.

What did david sarnoff invent?

Communitcations and broadcasr

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What happened to David Bradley?

As of October 2014, David Bradley is still enjoying a successful career as an actor. He currently portrays Professor Abraham Setrakian on the television show, The Strain.

Who was the first prson to invent the post box?

Theodore Bradley who also invented the first licorice!

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