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their brains and writing. they had to write it down unlike lazy kids these days.

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Q: What did engineers use for complex calculations before calculators were invented?
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Why was the complex number calculator invented?

To do calculations using complex numbers.

What was the apple computer invented for?

Computers were invented to make complex mathematical calculations possible and make tasks easier for humans.

How did complex number calculator influence modern computing?

Calculators, probably in the 1980's (I know for a fact the HP 48 calculator circa 1992 handled complex and imaginary numbers) helped people perform calculations with complex numbers, without having to figure conjugates, angles, etc. on paper. Complex number computing was long before that. I know that FORTRAN (developed by IBM and released in 1957) could handle complex number calculations. FORTRAN was designed specifically for scientific and engineering calculations. Check out the Wikipedia article.

What is the common need of calculators?

Accuracy in calculation Reliability of answers Repeatedability Speed Complex calculations Will not have diminshed performance over a long period (except for battery life and operator fatigue)

When was computer introduced and what is the purpose of computer?

Computers were first invented to perform calculations that were complex or repetitive in nature, in order to make human life easier.

How are calculators used in chemistry?

Calculators are used in chemistry to perform mathematical calculations involving chemical formulas, mole conversions, stoichiometry, and more. They are essential for calculating molar mass, determining reaction yields, and solving other quantitative problems in chemistry. Calculators help scientists and students streamline computations and ensure accuracy in their work.

What computer performs complex calculations?


What early american indian invented the zero long before it was introduced to Europe?

The Mayas invented zero before it was introdiced to Europe. This allowed them to make complex calculations.

How do you find the square root of a number with a calculator?

In scientific calculators there is usually a button you press. Less complex calculators don't have that button. It looks like this: `____ \/

What are complex calculations?

This probably refers to how to handle computations with the set of Complex Numbers (which is a combination of the set of real numbers and imaginary numbers), rather than just complicatedcalculations, or calculations which are very involved and as-such appear very complex (which is a different thing than Complex Numbers).

What allowed early American Indians to make complex calculations?


If calculators should be permit in exams?

no, not unless the numbers are very large/complex or they have a lot of decimal places.